Author: Yasmin Shiraz

Voters Choice: Introducing Brownie Babii, Viral Web Series Creator

Our Instagram crew members have spoken. And, they have voted for Brownie Babii, the creator, writer, and director of the “Cold Wold Web Series” to be featured on Black TV Film Crew. Season Two of Cold World just premiered with 14,591 viewers for the first episode. With more than 4k subscribers and 250k views for the first season, folks love the gritty, realness of Cold World. Black TV Film Crew took a moment to chop it up with the Executive Producer, herself, Brownie Babii. She’s a New Yorker, born and bred, and loves the support she’s received for her...

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Danae Grandison Talks Unspoken Film and Empowering Women

Writer / Director Danae Grandison recently connected with Black TV Film Crew on the eve of The Voice of A Woman Festival screening for her latest film, Unspoken.  Grandison is a former Miss Jamaica USA who found her voice as a filmmaker as a result of gaining confidence through competition and being encouraged to take risks. This spirit-led woman talks with us about sharing her voice, empowering women and walking this winding path as creatives do. What inspired you to adapt and direct Unspoken? Unspoken is based on the book The Bed Head by Jennifer Grahame which explores the...

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5 Gifts Dr. Martin Luther King and The Civil Rights Movement Gave Black Creatives

So many of us black creatives know the “I Have A Dream” speech by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, but we don’t always acknowledge that chasing our dreams is truly possible because of Dr. King and others who worked within the civil rights movement. To fight racism and civil rights has given creatives the audacity to believe in their own voices. I’ve heard African Americans like Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis and even Kerry Washington mention that they stand on the shoulders of those who came before them. They weren’t simply referring to other talk show hosts, or other black...

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