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Warner Bros. is looking for funny writers… Is that you?

Warner Bros. Entertainment in conjunction with Funny or Die and 3 Arts Entertainment is hosting a screenplay contest with Screencraft. The contest gives writers the opportunity to have your script read by industry judges from Warner Bros, FunnyorDie and 3 Arts Entertainment. The deadline is June 1st. You can submit today. 

We, of course, wish you luck and godspeed. Also, there are lots of people who submit to contests. If you don’t win, don’t fret, keep going. If you do win, email us and tell us all about it.

We want to brag on you and your Warner Bros. hook up.

Whatever the case, always remember, your story is your story. Continue to work on your craft. But, winning or not winning is not the sole issue. Your goal is to get your story out there by any means necessary. 

After a few contest rejections some of us can become “anti-contests.” But, you know what? You need a break. Sometimes people who become anti-contest have the grip of fear around their throats. So, as long as you believe in yourself, do what YOU believe is going to help you catch your break. 

Good luck, break a leg, but not your pen or laptop. 

Big shout outs to Warner Bros, Funny or Die and 3 Arts Entertainment for hosting this contest with Screencraft. I hope you find someone who makes you laugh until you cry. We encourage all corporations who are hosting these contests to pay your writers generously. It is from the creative minds of writers that all ideas flow. Yep, I said that. I believe it. 

Writers are too often bitten from, stolen from, undervalued and under-appreciated.

Don’t even get me started on the ideas that are stolen from black twitter. So, I say this to my corporate brethren and sistren: Be the big person. Pay your freakin’ writers. This officially concludes my public service announcement. 

Good luck to all my writers. I love you.