Writer / Director / Producer Camille Brown whose first narrative feature, The Nth Ward will be released exclusively via Amazon on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, spoke with BlackTVFilmCrew.com about writing a thriller that tells the story of an engineer with the US Army Corps who is sent to New Orleans to assess the damage years after the hurricane. Fresh off of being a semi-finalist for this year’s HBO’s Directing Fellowship, Camille has a lot to say.

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About the Nth Ward

The Nth Ward is a chilling suspense thriller about a woman haunted by the childhood disappearance of her parents.  Madison, now an engineer with the US Army Corps, and Kitch, a local contractor, are two conflicting personalities paired in a government program to assess the ongoing devastation of the Ninth Ward from the hurricane that savaged New Orleans a decade before.  Efforts to rebuild have been thwarted.  Bizarre happenings and disappearances lead them to believe that some darker force is at work.  When she seeks out the mysterious woman whose house stood unscathed in the eye of the storm, Madison’s own personal mystery engulfs her.  Her relentless pursuit of truth threatens Kitch’s dearest aspiration and their very lives and livelihoods.  Madison must look beyond the natural, the scientific.  Is it witchcraft or a clandestine government plan?

What inspired you to write the Nth Ward?

I was inspired to make this film after seeing how the 9th Ward in New Orleans still had not been rebuilt after all these years. I have family and friends who are from New Orleans and were there doing Hurricane Katrina. They told me what happened during Katrina and they have not gone back.

Many artists focus on one genre, but you’ve written a quirky romantic comedy, a documentary and now a thriller. What inspires your creativity?

I love all forms of expression. I love films. I love telling stories and I don’t want to limit the kind of stories I tell.


My advice to students and young professionals: Just do it. Bunker down and do the work. Write that script now. Shoot that short now. Shoot that feature now.  It might be challenging during the process, but after everything is done it’ll be rewarding.

Camille Brown

Writer / Director / Producer, C. Brown Productions

What is your average work day like as writer, director, producer of C. Brown Productions? Since the completion of The Nth Ward, I’ve been working everyday trying to figure out the best distribution avenue. I work on the publicity and marketing as well. And I try to fit in at the end of the day, working and progressing my next projects.

Share an interesting story with us from your childhood that has impacted your life. The first time I saw ET I was in awe. It is a classic. I fell in love with movies after that. My mom would always have me sit down and watch films with her. From Sunset Boulevard to Maltese Falcon to Lawrence of Arabia. She introduced me to film and taught me to really appreciate it.

**We appreciate Camille taking the time to talk with us. Check out the trailer below. And, remember, the Nth Ward will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD Tuesday, August 29, 2017 with additional distribution outlets coming later. Support this filmmaker… To purchase your copy, visit this link: Amazon.  **

More About Camille

A graduate of UCLA’s prestigious Film, Television and Theater School, Camille has had a string of successes including her documentary, A Second Chance At Life which is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, as well as writing and directing the award-winning short film Thank You for Washing which screened at over 20 festivals winning best short for 10 of them. She co-produced the feature film A Perfect Getaway starring Steve Zahn and Mills Jovovich. Most recently she was a semi-finalist for the HBO Directing Fellowship.

To connect with Camille, please check her out at the following links:

Website: www.thenthward.com
Twitter Handle: @TheCamilleBrown and @TheNthWard
Instagram Handle: @TheCamilleBrown and @TheNthWard