It’s not very often that we get the opportunity to see a hostage survivor write their own story from book, to screenplay to soundtrack. But Tahiera Monique Brown, who was held hostage with her children for two years, is doing exactly that. Her book, Annihilator of Innocence, was turned into the documentary, “The Prayer,” and now she is raising funds to turn her life story into a feature film. Formerly known as Barbara Clark, this strong woman is a member of Black TV Film Crew and her bravery has allowed her to become an author, speaker and advocate for survivors all over the world. We wanted to share her testimony with you through this interview and her videos.


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About Annihilator of Innocence

District Attorney J. Tom Morgan represents and defends abused children in Dekalb County, Georgia. He’s never seen a case like this. Barbara Clark was admitted to Grady Memorial Hospital under mysterious circumstances, an apparent suicide attempt. Who is the old man who was able to invade a family’s home and hold them hostage in Atlanta for two years, in plain sight? In gripping and blunt detail, and at times in rapid fire-fashion, Barbara Clark tells her story, recovering jagged pieces of life and assembling them into a mosaic of love, renewal, freedom and hope. J. Tom Morgan is put to the test of his life as he tries to protect this family from the torments of the old man. It has been said that hell is the absence of light. Annihilator of Innocence is about moving from darkness into the light.


What motivated you to want to produce The Prayer as a feature film?
I am a survivor and I’ve faced people who feared my story. I wrote my memoir, Annihilation of Innocence and then the script, The Prayer. I began my film production company, “Darkness To Light Films” to not only tell my story, but stories of other survivors.
What do you hope the audience gets from The Prayer?
My story is one of survival of being stalked for months and being held hostage by a stranger for two years. I want my audience to know that this is a true story … my story. It’s important to realize that “Stranger Danger” is real.
I noticed you wrote the theme song for The Prayer…
Yes, I wrote the song and performed it. I was raised in the country and as a child, I was aware of the sounds around me. I started writing musical stage plays at a very young age.  I saw stories and I wrote original songs, poems and scripts. I wrote what I felt, although I was never trained or exposed to such entertainment. I felt it in my bones.
What has your feedback been so far on The Prayer?

I was able to get actors Trisha Mann Grant, Anthony (Tony) Grant and Ty Taylor attached to my project. I met Trisha Mann Grant in Los Angeles a few years ago and I met Anthony (Tony)Grant at SES2017 when he performed. Together we sat down to discuss my project. They saw my book trailer and my Indiegogo Campaign video. They wanted to come aboard as producers and lead actors. The film will be directed by Bruce Nix of Undercover Entertainment. Warren Callaway has signed on to be the Director of Photography.

How did you become a filmmaker?
I was introduced to Filmmaking in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia as an extra on “Kids Like These” starring Tyne Daly. Later in 1988, I joined Dee’s Casting as an Assistant Casting Director as we cast for Extras for “Robo Cop III”. We were also casting for “In The Heat Of The Night”, as to which I started my own agency called, “Talent X’press” where my slogan was  “Bringing You The Very Best In Talented Personnel” After that I continued to cast principal and extra talent until I left Atlanta in 2001.

Tahiera and her team and still raising funds for the feature film. If you’d like to support this project, please check her out at the following link: