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Cinematographer and Photographer, Joseph Tova

Black artists want to grow and get paid but do we have the support of our community? Today I received a message from crew member photographer and cinematographer, Joseph Tova, who raised an important issue about African Americans supporting each other.

The question: Who supports new black artists or creatives who desire to break into the industry? Do white filmmakers or other races support their creatives differently?

Tova believes that people outside of the black community are more supportive to their artists and I’m inclined to agree. But supporting each other is not simply something you do when it’s convenient. Supporting people must be part of your ethos or you won’t commit to it. I know we need to support each other and so I’m going to drop 7 ways to show we really believe in black artists. 

  1. Give an internship opportunity to a black student who is eager and ready to work. 

  2. Buy products from black owned companies. 

  3. Donate money to a black crowdfunding campaign. 

  4. Attend black film festivals.

  5. Become a patron of black companies who are educating and promoting the work of people of color. (We have a Patreon page to produce videos and podcasts for our community.)

  6. Hire black people to work on your crew. 

  7. Read books written by black writers.

I realize this world is full of people from all backgrounds and races. But, I also realize that blacks, African Americans, people of African descent are often the last to get hired and the first to get fired. We’re often not invited into the private parties or the networking events that allow us privileged access to excel in our careers. However, 2018 brings great opportunity for black artists, creatives, and crew members. Creatives like Ava Duvernay, Issa Rae and so many others are creating opportunities for black voices to be heard. Take advantage of these opportunities so that our voices will echo from the rafters.

(All photos are of real Black TV Film Crew members. Courtesy of their dope Instagrams!)