Creator/ Writer / Director Tonja Renée Stidhum has created the upcoming web series, Wing Chick. The series is about a frequently friendzoned dating site profile writer who struggles to navigate the dating world she has managed to perfect in pen… but, not so much in reality.

Tonja breaks down the inspiration behind Wing Chicks:

Like many writers, my characters reflect me and my experiences. As a strong proponent of quality representation of Black women, I wanted to create a relatable lead with equally relatable supporting characters. More than anything, I wanted to make people laugh. And thus, I created WingChick. WingChick is very much inspired by experiences with friends and love-interests alike. Throughout the ups and downs of life, WingChick has been a source of therapy as laughter is the best medicine.


More than anything, I wanted to make people laugh. And thus, I created WingChick.

Tonja Renée Stidhum

Creator / Writer / Director, Girl, I Guess Productions

The Wing Chick Breakdown:

Raven is a late twenty-something bougie-mixed-with-a-dash-of-hood Black girl juggling her burgeoning job as a professional dating site profile writer and a professional dating flop. She has mastered the art of intimacy without being intimate: the best friend, the confidant, the wingwoman for dudes.

Raven’s male partner-in-crime is Michael and their relationship is your typical “sexual tension splattered all over their faces, but somehow they don’t own a mirror” situation. When Raven needs some fellow estrogen in her life, she hangs with her BFFs: Greer, Lenora (called “Leo”, for short), and Tess.

Navigating the ins and outs of dating and the tangled web she and Michael have unknowingly weaved leads Raven to a whirlwind of shenanigans and self-discovery.

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More About Tonja:

“I’m a writer/director with cheeks you want to pinch… but don’t (unless I want you to). I am made of sugar and spice and everything rice… with the uncanny ability to make a Disney/Pixar reference in the same sentence as a double entendre. I am also the co-host of Cinema Bun Podcast, where Berook and I discuss movie news/events, answer a listener-submitted question of the week, and review a film.”