Prince Domonick Goes From Short Film To Feature

Prince Domonick Goes From Short Film To Feature

Writer / Director / Producer Prince Domonick who is currently in pre-production for his first feature film, Thick Water, shares how to take a short film to feature status, how he hopes his work will connect with audiences and what has inspired him on his career path. Anybody with a short film who wants to turn it to a feature, read below.


How did you come to create Thick Water as a feature?

I always knew that I wanted to make a feature film. The short film, Thick Water, was a thesis project for my graduate degree. Thick Water was inspired by my personal life experience, the social and political climate we live in and my love for music. I decided to use the short film as a concept piece to get some investors and I found some. I won’t say it was easy. But that’s how it happened.

How do you hope your work will connect with people?

I hope my work makes people stop and think introspectively and reflectively. I want to create conversation. I want to challenge how we view the world we live in through my work.

I used to act out in school when I was a child mainly because I had a HUGE imagination. I always felt misunderstood and out of place which would cause me to act out and misbehave. However, I always thrived leaps and bounds over everyone else in art and music classes. One day my teacher showed up at my house after a disciplinary situation but she came with encouraging words. She told my parents that she saw me becoming a great Playwright one day because my imagination was so big. That always stuck with me and my parents ’til this day.

Prince Domonick

Writer / Director / Producer

What inspired you to take this career path and were you inspired by anyone in the industry?

I always knew I wanted to be a Director ever since I was a child. I have always had supporting parents to encourage me along the way. I study success stories and I’ve learned that everyone has their own path. Don’t try to follow someone else’s path, because odds are the results will not be the same. Forge your own. That being said I am inspired by Producer Devon Franklin and his faith journey in Hollywood. I’m inspired by the business empire of Tyler Perry and his rags to riches story. I’m inspired by George Lucas and his genius of fantasy form storytelling and literally taking us to worlds we could never imagine. And my man Ryan Coogler, and his realistic gritty form of storytelling and all his success at such a young age.


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What advice do you have for students and young professionals who may be inspired by your work?

It’s not easy, many days you will have to be your own cheerleader, and encourage yourself. But if you know this is what you are suppose to be doing keep pushing. Expect 100,0000 ‘No’s’ before you hear 1 ‘Yes.’ And lastly, remember there are thousands of people chasing the same dream, but there is only ONE YOU! What God has for you is for you, and nobody else but YOU!

Marcus The Visual Talks The Super Natural Woman

Marcus The Visual Talks The Super Natural Woman

Professional Illustrator and Comic Artist, Marcus Williams, who successfully crowdfunded his new comic books, The Tuskegee Heirs and The Super Natural Woman shares his process and the motivation behind his powerful illustrations. This humble artist also almost broke the internet when he suggested that Wonder Woman has a TWIN SISTER!!! jumped at the opportunity to talk with Marcus.

“Super Natural is a superhero character I created to be used as a supporting pivotal character in Anthony Piper’s superhero parody entitled “Trill League“. In the world Anthony created, she sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to the other character’s personalities. This was intentional as she is designed to be a vehicle of pseudo normality that readers can anchor to when things get too crazy. Her name refers to her moral stance against portraying herself as anything but a natural black woman. This includes her appearance, her diet and her lifestyle. Super Natural is not from earth, yet she has come to make a home here after some quick transitions into city life. She is immensely powerful and nearly invulnerable to all physical damage, but not immune to the everyday stresses of living in American society.”

What inspired you to create your latest project and/or take this career path?
I love characters and solving problems. A common problem today in entertainment is the lack of black characters that are creatively written for a black audience, so that’s keeps me inspired to create solutions.

How do you hope your work will connect with people?
A: Definitely on a personal and lasting level. I can only hope that my work generates emotion in some way that resonates past the content. That way, long after my art was viewed the audience will feel compelled to share their experience with friends and family.


Were you inspired by anyone in the industry to proceed on your current career path? If so, who?
A: Comic art wise, Jim Lee, Joe Maduera, Greg Capulla were very popular in my high school years so I borrowed from their example heavily as a young artist. I didn’t meet my 1st professional artist until I was out of high school, but when I did, I was excited to find that such a career path existed.

What is your average work day like as it relates to your projects?
A: I wake up and make sure my kids have eaten (they’re old enough to feed themselves, just have to be reminded to do so), and then I proceed to my workstation to warm up with a digital sketch. From there I choose which art I want to work on for the day.

What advice do you have for students and young professionals who may be inspired by your work?
A: Find a virtual master teacher to study from, someone that inspires you to improve and draw daily because they’re so much more skilled than you. Then choose a business path that suits your passion and find the best in that field to study from. Find out what made them successful and how you can build your strategy around their example. Plan your goals and work daily to find solutions to meet them.

To connect with Marcus, please check him out at the following links:

Twitter Handle: @marcusthevisual
Instagram Handle: @marcusthevisual

Gina Prince Bythewood directing Spider-Man spin off

Gina Prince Bythewood directing Spider-Man spin off

We’ve loved Director Gina Prince Bythewood since Love & Basketball so we were thrilled to hear around the industry that she is directing an upcoming Spider-Man spin off. Gina continues to show how dedicated and talented she is to the craft. Stay tuned for production info on that! and Black Eyed Peas have a comic book coming and Black Eyed Peas have a comic book coming

We’ve heard around the industry that and the Black Eyes Peas have a comic book coming. We know it’s gonna be funky. You how people try to convince you to only do one thing? Well, over here we love how does so much in such a creative way. He is an inspiration. Straight up!