Monday, August 2, 2021

What It’s Like To Be A Black Film & TV Editor

Black Film & TV Editor
Do you love Black news, film and television? Are you looking for a job or career in one, two or all three? If so, then Comcast might have you covered. Being a Black Film & TV Editor In this Comcast Careers feature, Black Film & TV Editor Kaila breaks down the duties of her role and why she enjoys what she...

Finding Your Tribe Is Vital For a Successful Career

Pursuing your dreams can be a lonely process. It requires us to look within and tune within often, especially if we are the ones who receive the vision and are behind the vision. Though projects are often sparked by a single person or small group of people, bringing the vision to life is in no way a one person...

Must Read: Lovecraft Country Pilot – Download it Here

Lovecraft Country
Lovecraft Country is one of the most talked about television shows over the last six months. Its showrunner, Misha Green, recently shared the pilot to Lovecraft Country on Twitter. And as she says, head on over there to download it before she has to take it down. Based on Matt Ruff's novel of the same name, Lovecraft Country follows Atticus Freeman...

Motivation: What You Should Do Right After Hearing “No”

It can be difficult to overcome the hurdle of "no". We’ve all heard it before, for one reason or another. Sometimes it bruises our ego, and at other times it disappoints us to the point that we want to give up. If your goal is to work in the entertainment industry, you will more than likely hear what is...

This Intern Changed My Life: How I Became A Writer Part 3

Yasmin Shiraz - Intern article
There is no part of my story of becoming a writer that doesn’t involve the pivotal role a high school intern had in it. I believe all sorts of people cross our paths to show us things and help us find our way. These people can be young, old, uneducated, poor, or rich. The point is they come in...

Inspired: How I Became A Writer Part 2

How I Became A Writer
This is part two of How I Became A Writer from my series, In My Lane. This series details how I've gone from poet to journalist to magazine publisher to TV producer to TV staff writer. My journey isn't over, but I wanted to share some of my steps in case it helps or motivates anyone to just keep going...

Clubhouse: Fact or Fiction? What We Know For Sure

When I was first told about the Clubhouse app,  I didn’t know how another social media app would make a positive impact on my life or career. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, I can lump apps together and say one thing about them all: They know how to burn up your time. I’d been invited to Clubhouse in...

Getting Paid As A College Speaker: Everything You Need To Know – Part 5

Yasmin Shiraz College Speaker
Getting paid as a college speaker was the last thing on my mind when I started my magazine, Mad Rhythms.  But, as Mad Rhythms grew and got better, I wanted to share with students what steps could be taken to follow their dreams. Two years into the business, I gave birth to the How To Get Into The Entertainment...

Writing Accountability: Everything You Need To Know

Writing Accountability
Writing Accountability. What is it and how can it help you? Writing Accountability is when you meet or connect with a person or a group of persons and share what you want to write and what you've accomplished. For example, if you want to write a book, you'd meet in a group on a routine basis and state your...

How To Center Yourself In A Distracted World

Center Yourself
People in the entertainment business navigating their careers are regularly looking for their next job, and seeking the next opportunity leading to the next paycheck. We don’t want to miss deadlines, fellowships, film festivals, Zoom calls, or meetings with people who can change our lives. Inevitably, we spend so much time chasing, searching, and trying that we lose sight...

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