Friday, September 17, 2021

Indie Filmmaker Finance: Cinereach Film Grants

Indie Filmmaker
Where does an indie filmmaker finance their feature films? How does an indie filmmaker find financial partners? As part of our indie filmmaker initiative, we'll be sharing film grants and resources to help indie filmmakers get their movies seen. According to the Cinereach website, each year Cinereach awards 20-30 grants—comprising over $1 million—to new and existing grantees. Grants amounts ranging from $5,000...

Filmmaker Hustle: How To Get A Red Epic for Next To Nothing

Filmmaker Hustle
Are you a filmmaker wishing you could shoot on the Red Epic, the Arri Alexa, the Millennium DXL2 or even the Sony F55? Do you wish you had funding for these cameras? Well, we found out how you can gain access to one of these cameras for next to nothing. Introducing Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program… According to Panavision’s website: The New...

Be In The Know: 5 Black Screenwriters To Watch

Black Screenwriters
Earlier this month, we celebrated National Screenwriting Day by encouraging members of our platform to share their work with us. Now, we are sharing five promising Black screenwriters from the Black TV Film Crew family. We love our tribe. Willie L. Davis Jr. and Ron Covington are both Co-Creators, Executive Producers, and Screenwriters of the Ticker Project Series. Davis hails from...

Watch: IG Chat with Chevelle Hallback, World Champion Boxer

Chevelle Hallback
You never know what you're gonna get when you sit down and check out our Freestyle Friday on IG Live. Well, tonight we went all in with World Champion Boxer, Chevelle Hallback. She shared with us the challenges of being a female boxer in a male sport. She was truly freestyle ready. From being inspired by Rocky Balboa to...

Reality TV: How To Get A Serious Gig

Reality TV
How does a person get a gig in reality television? How do you become a writer, story producer, director, casting producer or even a researcher for shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop, Amazing Race, Big Brother, etc.  Creatives who want to work in reality TV need to know about Staff Me Up. Staff Me Up...

Hiring Now: Production Jobs in Los Angeles and Remote

Hiring Now
A client of ours is hiring now and we're reaching out to everyone in the Black TV Film Crew network in case you have experience and are looking for a new opportunity. The information is below. Email us your resume with the job title in the subject line, if anything matches your career intentions. We'll forward along to our...

Be In The Know: Black Production Designers

Black Production Designers
Black production designers bring their own flair and culture to create the overall visual aesthetic of a TV show or movie, including the set designs and costumes. They work with the director and DP to visualized the desired look of the production. This article’s goal is to be an inclusive list, updated regularly to include production designers of African...

5 Black Illustrators You Should Know: Volume 1

5 Black Illustrators
Black illustrators don’t get the love they deserve. They are unsung heroes in many respects. We flip through Instagram admiring their work. Sometimes we tap a heart, but rarely do we leave a comment. And yet, their artwork is inspiring, thought provoking, and even igniting nostalgia in many of us. Because of my love of black art, I wanted...

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