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NEH Media Projects Program: Films, Podcasts, TV Projects

NEH Media Projects Program
The NEH Media Projects Program has an Open Call. The National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) has an upcoming deadline for media projects. Receipt Deadline August 29, 2018 for Projects Beginning April 2019. From their website:  The NEH Media Projects program supports documentary film, television, radio, and...

Apply Now – PGA: Power of Diversity Workshop

Producer's Guild
According to the Producer's Guild of America's website, The Power of Diversity Master Workshop is an eight-week intensive program that trains you as a creative producer to take a project from script through distribution on multiple platforms. The Workshop exists to help nurture creativity...

Indie Filmmaker Finance: Cinereach Film Grants

Indie Filmmaker
Where does an indie filmmaker finance their feature films? How does an indie filmmaker find financial partners? As part of our indie filmmaker initiative, we'll be sharing film grants and resources to help indie filmmakers get their movies seen. According to the Cinereach website, each...

Where Did Black TV Film Crew Come From?

Hello. My name is Yasmin Shiraz and the Black TV Film Crew site is about to get personal. The day after Trump won the election in 2016, I started the Black TV Film Crew community. Born from the desire to connect with black folks...

Dear Non-Black Friend: 7 Things Your Black Friend Wants You To Know

Dear Non-Black Friend
This month black people cried, screamed, rioted, and fumed because we saw Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd murdered in front of our very eyes. We noticed that many of our non-black friends were quiet. Black people were outraged with Amy Cooper, a white woman...

Film Contest: The Accident – Closes October 5

Film Contest
0 has a new film contest that is closing soon. But it’s not too late so get your creative juices and check the information below… According to their website:. THE ACCIDENT Periodic Competition #8  August 21st, 2018 to October 5th, 2018 Submit your original Short and you...

Open Call Filmmakers: Documentary Lab

Open Call Filmmakers
Open Call Filmmakers! There is a new opportunity with June 2020 deadlines! The Firelight Media Documentary Lab is an 18-month fellowship program that supports filmmakers from racially and ethnically underrepresented communities working on their first or second feature length documentary film. The Lab provides...

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