Monday, August 8, 2022

How To Center Yourself In A Distracted World

Center Yourself
People in the entertainment business navigating their careers are regularly looking for their next job, and seeking the next opportunity leading to the next paycheck. We don’t want to miss deadlines, fellowships, film festivals, Zoom calls, or meetings with people who can change our lives. Inevitably, we spend so much time chasing, searching, and trying that we lose sight...

The Cosby Prison Sentence: Working While Black

Today I heard a colleague rejoice, celebrate, pump her fists, give a high five, do everything but dance in the end zone when she heard that Bill Cosby had been sentenced to three to ten years in prison. This woman celebrated as if a cure to cancer had been found. It was as if she woke up and realized she...

11 Levar Burton Tweets That’ll Make You Grind Harder

LeVar Burton
He may be best known as Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation, as Kunta Kinte in ABC's Roots Mini Series or the Reading Rainbow guy. But make no mistake, over the decades, Mr. Burton, has been racking up some accolades that make you wanna say, "Daaaaaamn." Here are eleven times he made us head...

7 Risk Factors For Depression Everyone Should Know

7 Risk Factors for Depression
There are 7 risk factors for depression that everyone should know. At Black TV Film Crew, we want to support your work but also your mental health. People who work in the creative field have shown to have a higher susceptibility of depression. We’ve witnessed too many people suffer in silence and wanted to share these 7 risk factors...

Colon Cancer Awareness: Interview with Jennifer Franklin

Colon Cancer Awareness
With the recent death of actor, Chadwick Boseman, Black TV Film Crew featured Jennifer Franklin, an oncology nurse with 20 years experience who also happens to be a colon cancer survivor. We wanted to honor Chad's life and educate our community. The video is below... View this post on Instagram...

Watch: Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” trailer

Michelle Obama
According to Netflix, Becoming is an intimate look into the life of former First Lady Michelle Obama during a moment of profound change, not only for her personally but for the country she and her husband served over eight impactful years in the White House. The film offers a rare and up-close look at her life, taking viewers behind...

Black Creatives: Is Social Media Killing Your Creativity?

Black Creatives
I try to stay engaged on social media AND be productive in my creative life. But, it NEVER works. I’m most productive when I’m taking a social media recess. For the last couple of weeks I have stayed off of Instagram. Not because I don’t love my Black TV Film Crew family there. I miss ya’ll so much. But,...

Andre Harrell, Music Mogul Dead At 59

Andre Harrell
It’s been widely reported that music mogul, Andre Harrell passed on Friday, May 8th in West Hollywood. Perhaps most famously known as the music executive who gave Sean “Diddy” Combs his first break, then subsequently firing him, Harrell contributed so much more to the music industry.  As one half of the the rap duo Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde in...

Breonna Taylor: GoFundMe Page Raises 5 Million

Breonna Taylor
As community activism continues to grow, justice for Breonna Taylor is heating up as well. Her Go Fund Me Page started by family member Bianca Austin raised over 5 million dollars in 5 days. The speed and amount of monies raised is a testimony to the power of the black dollar and activism. The Black community is outraged at...

In Memoriam: Death of Our Partner

At the end of October, my husband and the silent partner behind Black TV Film Crew passed away suddenly. As my partner for 20+ years, it's been a devastating loss.  After 3 months of grieving and reflection, I'm happy to say that the fog has lifted and our FB groups, newsletters, and social media are back up and operational.  Members will...

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