Friday, September 17, 2021

Powerful: Congrats, Kamala Harris, First Black VP

Kamala Harris
Yeah, we're gonna say this before anyone else is ready. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are going to win. We believe this. I know we're out on a limb here, but we gotta say it. I'm especially proud of Kamala Harris because she's a HBCU product. She graduated from Howard University. This is a big deal because so many...

13 Amanda Gorman Tweets That Will Inspire You

Amanda Gorman
As the world met the first National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, at the inauguration, we were awed by some of the tweets which were inspiring, informative  and down right educational. At 22 years old, Gorman is the youngest poet to ever address an inauguration. Gorman’s contribution was the excellence we needed. Here are some tweets to help you...

In Memoriam: Death of Our Partner

At the end of October, my husband and the silent partner behind Black TV Film Crew passed away suddenly. As my partner for 20+ years, it's been a devastating loss.  After 3 months of grieving and reflection, I'm happy to say that the fog has lifted and our FB groups, newsletters, and social media are back up and operational.  Members will...

Clubhouse: Fact or Fiction? What We Know For Sure

When I was first told about the Clubhouse app,  I didn’t know how another social media app would make a positive impact on my life or career. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, I can lump apps together and say one thing about them all: They know how to burn up your time. I’d been invited to Clubhouse in...

Happy Thanksgiving: Everything I’m Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving. I woke up this morning with Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love  You” in my head. I don’t know if it’s the love I feel for my Black TV Film Crew community that has sent me this message, the love I have for my closest friends who cover me, or the warmth that radiates...

COVID-19 Coping Journal: An Act of Empowerment

COVID-19 Coping Journal
Our latest strategy for dealing with the corona virus? Let me introduce you to the COVID-19 Coping Journal. I’ve always been an advocate of journaling. But when my Mom called me this week and told me about a journal for COVID-19, I lost it. She shared with me that people should write down what they’re going through dealing with...

In 2021, Dr. Martin Luther King Is Still Better Than The Opposition

This article was originally published on 1/15/2018. I originally wrote this article in 2018 when I was focused on tying Dr. King's legacy to what motivated me as a creator. But, in 2021, upon re-reading this article, all I can think about is this: Dr. King was better than the people who stormed the Capitol. He was better...

Watch: Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” trailer

Michelle Obama
According to Netflix, Becoming is an intimate look into the life of former First Lady Michelle Obama during a moment of profound change, not only for her personally but for the country she and her husband served over eight impactful years in the White House. The film offers a rare and up-close look at her life, taking viewers behind...

Colon Cancer Awareness: Interview with Jennifer Franklin

Colon Cancer Awareness
With the recent death of actor, Chadwick Boseman, Black TV Film Crew featured Jennifer Franklin, an oncology nurse with 20 years experience who also happens to be a colon cancer survivor. We wanted to honor Chad's life and educate our community. The video is below... View this post on Instagram...

5 Black Podcasts you should be listening to now

Black Podcasts
We are living in an unprecedented era where we can and should be creating our own content. Whether its films, tv shows, or podcasts, we have voices that want to be heard. This short compilation is our beginning to acknowledge some dope black podcasts created for us and by us. Check ‘em out.  Keeping Us Sport Minded and Pop Culture...

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