Apply Now – PGA: Power of Diversity Workshop

Apply Now – PGA: Power of Diversity Workshop

According to the Producer’s Guild of America’s website, The Power of Diversity Master Workshop is an eight-week intensive program that trains you as a creative producer to take a project from script through distribution on multiple platforms. The Workshop exists to help nurture creativity and diverse perspectives from people from all walks of life. It gives select participants an opportunity to learn from some of the most successful producers in the business, and network with like-minded participants.

What kinds of people apply to the workshop?

If you are a highly motivated and creative emerging or mid-career producer with a project that you believe in, this is the place for you. There are no barriers here; we seek underserved voices in media: all genders, all sexual orientations, all ethnicities, all religions, all ages, all abilities and veterans.  We accept participants from all around the world, but you must provide your own transportation and lodging.  Our mission is to prepare you to launch a story to the world from your unique perspective.

What kinds of projects do you accept? What genres?

We accept film, television, documentary features and series, and new media projects, in all genres. We do not accept shorts.  You must submit a completed script, though not necessarily a final draft, or for documentary projects, a detailed treatment. We are looking for commercially-viable projects that foster diversity in the industry.

What does the workshop cover?

The workshop is focused on the tools of producing for feature films, television, documentary and digital media, with emphasis on up-to-the-minute trends in the industry. In eight weeks, we cover story, development, pitching, finance, packaging, production, marketing, distribution trends, multiplatform and more. Participants are expected to complete weekly homework assignments.

In addition to the expertise of guest speakers, each producer gets the benefit of individual mentorship throughout the two-month workshop by Producers Guild members. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will have a final project strategy, ready to launch into the marketplace.

Who are the speakers?

Some of the industry’s most successful producers in film, television, and new media. Past speakers have included:  Shonda Rhimes, Bruce Cohen, Lori McCreary, Gary Lucchesi, Mark Gordon, Marshall Herskovitz, Bonnie Arnold, Nina Yang Bongiovi, Ashok Amritraj, Caryn Mandabach, Luis Barreto, Ali LeRoi, Cathy Schulman, Lauren Shuler Donner, Damon Lindelof, Lindsay Doran, Ralph Winter, Bruna Papandrea and many more.

What do I get out of this?

Success in any business, and most certainly in production, is predicated on building strong relationships. Some of our past participants have gone on to great success, and many have formed lasting relationships through the Workshop that will carry them well into the future.

Do I have to be a PGA member to apply?

No, you do not have to be a PGA member to apply.  We encourage non-guild as well as guild members to apply.

I’m already a professional producer. Why should I apply?

A good producer is one who is always evolving, learning new things, meeting new people and searching out new stories. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”


Filmmaker Hustle: How To Get A Red Epic for Next To Nothing

Filmmaker Hustle: How To Get A Red Epic for Next To Nothing

Are you a filmmaker wishing you could shoot on the Red Epic, the Arri Alexa, the Millennium DXL2 or even the Sony F55? Do you wish you had funding for these cameras? Well, we found out how you can gain access to one of these cameras for next to nothing. Introducing Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program…

According to Panavision’s website:

The New Filmmaker Program loans film or digital camera packages (based on availability) to filmmakers for student thesis films, “low-budget” independent features, showcase reels, Public Service Announcements, or any other type of short not-for-profit project.

Filmmaker Hustle and Submit

To submit your project for consideration for the New Filmmaker Program, submit a proposal that includes the following:

  • Cover letter describing the status of your production, desired format, and some background about yourself. (If you are working on a thesis project for school, you must also submit a letter of reference from your professor on school letterhead.)
  • Desired shooting location
  • Shooting schedule with locked production dates
  • Copy of the script
  • Copy of your budget
  • Resumes and bios of all key people involved
  • Contact information (e-mail/phone number) for all key people involved. If you are associated with a school, include a letter of good standing on the school’s letterhead. If you are not associated with a school, please include a copy of your state ID
  • Three line project synopsis
  • Any other material that you think will support your proposal package (location photos, storyboards, past work, etc.)

Filmmaker Hustle: The Review Process

Panavision will review your proposal to determine if it meets Panavision’s standards and scheduling requirements. We will respond as quickly as possible, but please allow at least three weeks for an initial response.

Filmmaker Hustle: Check Out The Details

Because Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program receives more proposals than we can possibly accommodate, filmmakers must realize that this is a competitive grant program. Application for an equipment grant is no guarantee of acceptance. Please have a back-up plan.

Submit your proposals at least two months before you plan to shoot. Due to the high demand for Panavision cameras and equipment, it is essential that you plan ahead and contact us early.

Proposal materials will not be returned.

The New Filmmaker Program does not discriminate as to the nature of the project that can receive equipment grants. Any form, from experimental to documentary to musical to traditional narrative, is welcome.

Camera grants are available only for productions in the United States. Customs laws make transportation of cameras out of the US prohibitive. No exceptions.

The New Filmmaker Program will not allow cameras to be used on projects that perpetuate racial or sexual stereotypes and prejudices. Pornography is absolutely unacceptable.

Filmmaker Hustle: Get Insurance

Grant recipients must obtain insurance must from an outside insurance agent. Students can generally have the school issue the necessary policies. Plan ahead! This can take several weeks to implement. The process varies from school to school, so check with your film department. Productions that are not attached to a school must obtain the necessary insurance from an independent broker. Panavision must receive proof of insurance two weeks prior to prep dates. EQUIPMENT WILL NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING WITHOUT PROPER INSURANCE. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Approved proposals are subject to a service fee for equipment.

Anamorphic lenses are not available via the New Filmmaker Program. Here’s a list of the digital cameras listed on their site. 

All gear is requests are subject to availability


You can submit your application via email only.

Email Address

Indie Filmmaker Finance: Cinereach Film Grants

Indie Filmmaker Finance: Cinereach Film Grants

Where does an indie filmmaker finance their feature films? How does an indie filmmaker find financial partners? As part of our indie filmmaker initiative, we’ll be sharing film grants and resources to help indie filmmakers get their movies seen.

According to the Cinereach website, each year Cinereach awards 20-30 grants—comprising over $1 million—to new and existing grantees. Grants amounts ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 can be awarded to support any stage of a film’s progression, from development to completion. Throughout its engagement with grantees, Cinereach may also offer additional resources to increase the films’ momentum.

How does Cinereach help the indie filmmaker?

Cinereach develops, produces, and finances several projects each year. They also co-finance and co-produce with other production companies, co-financiers and investors using traditional film financing structures. Recent productions and co-productions include the narrative feature films We the Animals, Sorry to Bother You, and Beach Rats.

What kind of indie filmmaker is Cinereach looking for?

Cinereach develops, produces, finances, and supports feature-length fiction, nonfiction and hybrid films crafted for the big screen. They look for projects (at any stage) that create deep and lasting impressions through story, character, or cinematic approach. They seek to work with both unknown and established filmmakers who may face creative, financial or systemic obstacles to realizing ambitious visions. Our films range widely in content and style. Please visit the Cinereach Films page to review recent work.

How To Submit

The Cinereach staff casts a wide net in our search for stories, talent, projects and partners. Cinereach staff members attend events and film festivals in the US and abroad.

They also accept project submissions on a rolling basis through our online portal.

Projects eligible for consideration must be feature-length (over 60 minutes), and intended for theatrical exhibition.

Cinereach does not currently consider short films (under 60 minutes), serialized or episodic work, web series, virtual or augmented reality, or other immersive/interactive work.

Submit your project

Reality TV: How To Get A Serious Gig

Reality TV: How To Get A Serious Gig

How does a person get a gig in reality television? How do you become a writer, story producer, director, casting producer or even a researcher for shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop, Amazing Race, Big Brother, etc. 

Creatives who want to work in reality TV need to know about Staff Me Up. Staff Me Up is a website which lists reality tv jobs all across the United States. Many creatives get their first jobs in reality tv applying through Staff Me Up. 

Reality TV Hook Ups

Here’s how Staff Me Up works according to their website: 

For almost a decade, Realitystaff has proved that the internet really can help you find a great production job, or help you hire great employees. Production Notices has used the power of Facebook to do the same thing. And now, RS and PN are joining forces, and expanding to include every kind of production – TV shows, movies, commercials, music videos, web originals, live events, and more.

Your Free Profile Page

You get to create a highly customized PROFILE PAGE that you’ll submit to employers when you apply for a job. You also get to name your own link that you can use as your online resume.

The Power of Connections

Once you create your profile, with a single click, you can connect to all of the people you’ve ever worked with. You can easily find people by location, by position, or by specific production (we have tens of thousands listed in our database). Using our REFERENCE CHECKER, you can find all of the people that you know who also know that person. With one click.

Are You Looking For Work?

We post dozens of jobs on our JOB BOARD on an average day – and every single one has been posted by an actual employer directly on our site: we never scrape jobs off of any other sites. Using our innovative JOB FILTERS, finding the right job to apply to has never been easier. And while we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the job – we guarantee that this is the best place on the internet to find great new jobs every day.

Is Staff Me Up working for us?

TV producers who are members of Black TV Film Crew have had success with Staff Me Up. One successful gig on Staff Me Up more than pays for the annual membership. To learn more about their fees, check them out. 

Film Contest: The Accident – Closes October 5

Film Contest: The Accident – Closes October 5 has a new film contest that is closing soon. But it’s not too late so get your creative juices and check the information below… According to their website:.


Periodic Competition #8 

August 21st, 2018 to October 5th, 2018

  • Submit your original Short and you may win a cash prize along with the opportunity to enter Filmaka’s Final Competition.
  • Filmaka’s jury will view and vote on up to 13 finalists.
  • Three winners will be selected and awarded prizes.


Details about the competition: 

  • Submit an original 3-5 min Short that explores the theme: THE ACCIDENT..
  • Genre is not a barrier; you are free to come up with any idea that has to do with the theme/topic.
  • Your story should be compelling so unleash your creativity and let loose your innovative skills.
  • The competition begins August 21st, 2018 and ends on October 5th, 2018.

Your entries are chosen as follows: 

  • Up to 6 Shorts are selected by Members who submitted Shorts in this competition.
  • Up to 2 Shorts are selected by non-competing Members.
  • Up to 2 Shorts are selected by Registered Users.
  • Up to 3 Shorts are selected by Filmaka executives.

Out of these (up to) 13 Shorts, the jury will select the top three winners who will receive cash prizes listed below. In addition, the winners are given the ultimate opportunity to enter Filmaka’s Final Competition. 

First place prize: $2500

Second place prize: $1500

Third place prize: $750

All films will go live together as per the Calendar dates, But the films uploaded early will get the top slot in the grid and thus get better views and votes. 

THE ENTRY PERIOD BEGINS AT 12:00:01 AM PACIFIC STANDARD DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME (“PST”) on Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 And Ends At 11:50:50PM PST on Friday, October 5th, 2018. 

VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW. The competition is only open to individuals who are at least 18 years of age and are members of Filmaka. Employees (and their immediate families and household members) of Filmaka, any entities responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting the competition or supplying the prizes, or any of their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliated and successor companies, are not eligible to enter the competition or win a prize. For complete Competition Terms and Conditions, please go to COMPETITION TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 

Filmaka is a digital platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents, compete for opportunities and build their careers. The platform is an alternative for talent who don’t have access to the film industry through traditional avenues. Films that are submitted by Filmaka members to a Filmaka competition are seen, judged and selected by a jury of top tier professionals in the entertainment industry and by fellow Filmaka members. At Filmaka, aspiring filmmakers from across the world can connect, collaborate, and compete for a wide range of professional opportunities.

Photo courtesy of crew member, Joseph Tova. You can find him on instagram:

NEH Media Projects Program: Films, Podcasts, TV Projects

NEH Media Projects Program: Films, Podcasts, TV Projects

The NEH Media Projects Program has an Open Call.

The National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) has an upcoming deadline for media projects. Receipt Deadline August 29, 2018 for Projects Beginning April 2019.

From their website: 

The NEH Media Projects program supports documentary film, television, radio, and podcast projects that engage general audiences with humanities ideas in creative and appealing ways. All projects must be grounded in humanities scholarship in disciplines such as history, art history, film studies, literature, religious studies, philosophy, or anthropology. 

Projects must also demonstrate an approach that is thoughtful, balanced, and analytical. The approach to the subject matter must go beyond the mere presentation of factual information to explore its larger significance and stimulate reflection. NEH is a national funding agency, so the projects that we support must demonstrate the potential to attract a broad general audience.

Film CrewFilm and television projects may be single programs or a series addressing significant figures, events, or ideas. Programs may be intended for regional or national distribution, via traditional carriage or online distribution. The Division of Public Programs welcomes projects that range in length from short-form to broadcast-length video.

The Division of Public Programs encourages film and television projects that promote a deeper understanding of American history and culture and advance civics education. The Division of Public Programs also supports film and television projects that examine international themes and subjects in the humanities.

Radio and podcast projects may involve single programs, limited series, or segments within an ongoing series. Programs receiving production grants may be either broadcast or disseminated online. They may be intended for national or regional distribution.

NEH encourages projects that engage public audiences through multiple formats. Proposed projects might include supplementary components to a film, television, radio, or podcast project: for example, book/film discussion programs, supplemental educational websites, or museum exhibitions.

Production grants (up to $650,000) support the production and distribution of documentary films, television programs, radio programs, and podcasts. To apply, click here. 


Quick Tip:

Stay organized: Create a google spreadsheet of names, dates, and programs to which you are applying.


Check out our other grants and contests.