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How to Own Your Brand in the Film & TV Industry

We have probably heard that we should do this or that to build and maintain “our brand”. But what does this really mean, especially if you aren’t selling a physical product or a service to customers? As a writer, editor, filmmaker, director, producer, production assistant or other position behind the scenes, what does it mean to have “a brand”?

What Do People Feel About You?

It’s more than a logo, font combination or color scheme. Generally, a company or person’s brand also includes what people have to say and how people feel about who a company is and what they do or provide to customers. This applies to food, clothing, entertainment and everything we interact with at the store, whether brick and mortar or digital.

Whether we realize it or not, each and every one of us has a brand. The question is whether or not it is working for or against us.

What Does Your Brand Feel Like?

When it comes to being a creative, your brand includes the types of stories you tell and how you tell them. It’s made up of your worth ethic, what people come to expect about the quality of work you produce and more. It includes how you show up and the energy you bring with you. It involves every part of you, being you.

In this video, Academy Governor and producer DeVon Franklin (“Breakthrough”), The Black List founder Franklin Leonard, producer Debra Martin Chase (“Harriet”), and M88 president and managing partner Phillip Sun, discuss their careers, valuing what you bring to the table, how to market and support diverse films, what it means to have a brand in the film and television industry and more. How would you describe having a brand as someone in entertainment? How would you describe “your brand”?

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Sharee Silerio
Sharee Silerio
Sharee Silerio is a screenwriter and filmmaker who tells stories where Black women and girls exist as full human beings on screen and feel seen, heard, loved and affirmed beyond the screen. Her film and television credits include projects on cable and streaming platforms such as Netflix, Oxygen, Comedy Central, MTV, Prime Video and more.

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