Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Get Christie Love reboot starring ‘Pitch’ alum is coming to ABC

We hear that there's a pilot order for 'Get Christie Love' at ABC. Check it out.

Squeaky Moore: Talks The Art of the Pitch

Squeaky Moore a friend to content creators! Squeaky Moore is a writer, director and producer and founder of Moore Squeaky Productions. She recently wrote and...

Film Critic Tim Gordon Introduces Lakefront Film Festival

MEET TIM GORDON, FOUNDER OF THE LAKEFRONT FILM FESTIVAL Tim Gordon, Film Critic, President of the Washington, DC Area Film Critics Association and Founder of...

Sowande Tichawonna: Talks Editing and Business Longevity

The entertainment industry has a tendency to burn people out. Its shark infested waters, backstabbing and crushing rejections all have a way of sending...

Undercover TV Show Streaming On Amazon

Review: Undercover TV Show We recently watched the Undercover TV show streaming on Amazon. The six part series is a BBC production co-produced with BBC...

Film Production: Corinthian Bailey’s Horror Feature

Filmmaker Corinthian Bailey shared with a behind the scenes image of the child zombie he's using in his first feature film. Congratulations filmmaker!!! We...

MUA 9ShadesbyJ on the set of Seeds of Doubt

Make Up Artist 9ShadesbyJ and actress Krystal Farris are behind the scenes of the drama short, Seeds of Doubt written and directed by Yasmin...

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