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Writing Accountability: Everything You Need To Know

Writing Accountability. What is it and how can it help you? Writing Accountability is when you meet or connect with a person or a group of persons and share what you want to write and what you’ve accomplished. For example, if you want to write a book, you’d meet in a group on a routine basis and state your goals and then have your follow up meeting and let your group know what you’ve accomplished. The idea is by stating your intention and sharing with someone what you plan to do that you’ll be more successful. Well, for me, it works.

Since I am a screenwriter and have had extreme success with writing accountability, I host the Black TV Film Crew Writing Accountability room on Clubhouse. Every day at 7 am PST / 10 am EST, writers of all levels join our room and we write for two hours. Using the Pomodoro method, we write for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. I’ve met some really incredible writers who have motivated me and are helping me smash my goals. In addition, due to this group, most of the writers have admitted that they write faster for the two hours that we are all together. That is a real testimony to the power of accountability. 

I have been using writing accountability methods off and on since 2016. Whenever I’m using writing accountability I notice a huge increase in my productivity. I notice that I get over my fears and simply get more done. A writing accountability group can positively impact you in the following ways:

1. Gives you something to look forward to

I noticed that when I’m checking in with fellow writers, I am upbeat and looking forward to facing the page. 

2. Makes you confront procrastination

I’ve noticed that when I’m writing on my own, I’m more prone to procrastination, but when I am writing with a group or an accountability partner, I am more likely to get through whatever is causing me to procrastinate.

3. Encourages you to set deadlines

When you hear of the progress your fellow writers are making, it motivates you to get your work done. Simply put, success breeds success. 

4. Gives you a sense of accomplishment

When I start my day writing, I feel as if I can accomplish anything. It feels great. Starting my day in my accountability group means I’ve started my day on the right foot. 

5. Helps boost your self-confidence

Many times in my life, I’ve felt bad when I haven’t reached a deadline. Seeing myself show up and write day after day gives me confidence. It tells me, “You can do it.” It makes me feel strong and creative. 

I want to personally welcome you to join me and the Black TV Film Crew family in our writer’s accountability room on Clubhouse. We are a warm and supportive group of people. We love what we’re doing and believe in ourselves. Join us. 

If you’re on Clubhouse, join the Black TV Film Crew club and receive notifications of when we’re having events. In addition, if you follow me, Yasmin Shiraz, on Clubhouse, you can see when I’m hosting the writing accountability group. Hope you get the support you need.  

Our featured photo is of some of the writers who have joined our writing accountability group on Clubhouse. Fabulous group!

Yasmin Shiraz
Yasmin Shiraz
Yasmin Shiraz is a Screenwriter and TV producer who has worked for Lifetime, A&E, Bravo and PBS. She's a best selling author of more than 11 titles and the founder of Black TV Film Crew. She is the CEO of Still Eye Rise Media.

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