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Getting Paid As A College Speaker: Everything You Need To Know – Part 5

Getting paid as a college speaker was the last thing on my mind when I started my magazine, Mad Rhythms.  But, as Mad Rhythms...

How Starting A Music Magazine Elevated My Writing Career

Before blogs were a thing… young, hip writers wanted to write for magazines they read. Black Writers lived for seeing their names on a...

This Intern Changed My Life: How I Became A Writer Part 3

There is no part of my story of becoming a writer that doesn’t involve the pivotal role a high school intern had in it....

Inspired: How I Became A Writer Part 2

This is part two of How I Became A Writer from my series, In My Lane. This series details how I've gone from poet to...

Dedicated: How I Became A Writer Part 1

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I decided I would become a writer. At the time it didn’t matter what...

In My View: Being Visible in Hollywood by Lisa R. Stewart

I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since high school with my own column in the school newspaper “Ask Lisa.”  All of my life, I’ve...

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