Thursday, May 19, 2022

Watch: IG Chat with Chevelle Hallback, World Champion Boxer

You never know what you’re gonna get when you sit down and check out our Freestyle Friday on IG Live. Well, tonight we went all in with World Champion Boxer, Chevelle Hallback. She shared with us the challenges of being a female boxer in a male sport. She was truly freestyle ready. From being inspired by Rocky Balboa to have opponents duck fighting her at all, Chevelle gave us real insight on her experiences. I guess nothing is as easy as it looks. We learned that some boxing promoters have women boxers but the movement is focusing more on sex appeal than actual skill.

Chevelle Hallback, thank you for never giving up on your dreams. There are little girls everywhere who are gonna learn of your story and be inspired–inspired to pick up a pair of boxing gloves. If you wanna learn more, check out the interview with our founder, Yasmin Shiraz and Chevelle.

If you wanna join one of our Friday night chats, let us know.

BTFC Staff
BTFC Staff
We're a staff of writers who compile the articles to promote crew members and African Americans in the entertainment business.

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