ISO: Male Models – African American, African Descent and Latino

ISO: Male Models – African American, African Descent and Latino


One of our crew members is shooting an upcoming fashion film and looking for male models. Check below for all the details.
Gee Spot Cine

“Post-Apocalyptic Monks Fashion Film”

 CASTING for short fashion film about post-apocalyptic monks featuring kimonos from Anitra Michelle HOMME collection for men. Shot on location in NYC.

LOOKING FOR: 5 LEAD African American/African Descent, Latino, MALE models/actors based in NYC. Age range 25-45. Must have athletic ability and agility. Experience with Taichi and martial arts a plus. These are non-speaking roles. All hair textures/body types, and height welcomed.  Auditions held the middle of July. Filming on location in October 2018.

Email headshots/picts if interested! ….

Check this out: Be Inspired by Black Creatives


  • Send in a mix of professional and selfie shots. Let the casting director see your personality.
  • Send in at least one full body shot. If you’re going to be seen on screen, they want to see your full body.
  • Send in recent photos. I don’t know how many time people will send in a 5 year old headshot and turn up at the audition not looking anything like their former selves.
  • Don’t send in stuff that looks too risqué unless it calls for it. You don’t know what the casting director’s sensibilities are so don’t go there.
  • In your introduction email, be professional Say something like, “Hi, I’m John Smith. I saw your post and am submitting my photos. I’ve recently been featured in this mag, that short film and that web series. I also have experience in Tai Chi. I look forward to hearing from you.” If you have experience in something that the casting director is asking for, mention it in your introduction email.
  • If you have a large Instagram following include that in your introduction email. Say the same thing as above except include, “I have an IG following of 5k. I love to promote my casting / film projects on IG.” It makes a difference.
  • Include your cell phone in your introduction email.
  • If there is an open call, show up on time.
  • If you are called back, show up on time.

We’re including tips for success in our casting and contests because we want our team members to win. Good luck and if you get cast, let us know.


**Our featured photos are of Black TV Film Crew member and Actor / Model Osei White, courtesy of his Instagram. You can find him here. **



ATL Casting Call: Actresses, Singers, Dancers, Crew

ATL Casting Call: Actresses, Singers, Dancers, Crew

One of our crew members, Director, Nykieria Chaney,  is holding a casting call in Atlanta on Saturday, June 9 from 2 – 5 pm in Atlanta. She is looking for Actresses, Singers, Dancers and Crew. The open call will be held at 1237 Ralph Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310.


The casting call is for Sistersong, National Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. They are producing Autonomy: My Body, My Voice, My Future directed by Nykiera Chaney. 

By infusing the art of story telling, dance and music, Autonomy takes audiences on a journey through the lives of people of color making decisions about their bodies, their sexuality, their families and their lives while also navigating racism, respectability politics, and reproductive oppression. Autonomy reminds us that we all have a story to tell and that there is power in our stories that can heal and transform. Autonomy is SisterSong’s first theatrical performance created through the Artists United for Reproductive Justice Project that seeks to use art across different mediums to amplify reproductive justice issues in order to educate, reduce stigma and shift culture. 

With the importance of reproductive justice issues, this is a project that is sure to gain steam and attention. 

Are you doing enough? How To Encourage Creativity Within Black Culture

Casting Call & Audition Tips:

  1. Be energetic. Nothing says you’re more deserving of an opportunity than having a great attitude. 
  2. Be yourself. Allow your personality to shine through. Too often in auditions, we see lines and line

    This is Gabrielle, a ATL based actress. We worked with her on one of our productions. Great personality!

    s of people but no one stands out. Often times people don’t stand out because they are trying to be like someone else. Be yourself. There’s only one you. 

  3. Be on time. This audition is from 2pm – 5pm. Please show up before 4:59. We often block ourselves from opportunities because we simply did not show up. 
  4. Do some preliminary research on reproductive justice issues. I’m always impressed when actors know more about a role than what’s on the page. Do a simple google search and allow your interest in this project to shine through.
  5. Believe in yourself. Claim this. Own this opportunity. Believe that it is already yours. 

If you secure one of the roles, please let us know. We want to celebrate our members progress. So be sure to send us photos! 

Crew members, you can show up at the casting call as well, but it’d be great if you could send your resume for the production to in advance. Keep me in the loop. 



Writer / Producer Wendy Calhoun Inks Overall Deal With Warner Bros TV

Writer / Producer Wendy Calhoun Inks Overall Deal With Warner Bros TV


Congrats are in order for one of our favorite writer / producers, Wendy Calhoun. As reported in Deadline, Wendy recently inked a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. Television. You may remember Wendy Calhoun for her Co-Executive Producer work on Empire but she has stayed busy since then. She was most recently a consulting producer for the Grey’s Anatomy Spin-off Station 19. Dedicated to the business, Wendy has developed projects for Netflix, FX, AND 20TH TV Studios and more. 

She is also a Writers Guild of America Award nominee for her work on Nashville and Justified. And, she served as a producer on ABC’s Revenge series. 

Get inspired by our Black Creatives 

I had the opportunity to meet Wendy a few years ago while she was working on Empire. In a room full of writers, she explained to us how important it was to be organized and to work in various areas for your craft. She shared with us her experience working in theater as well as in reality TV. Many writers who desire to work in the narrative space were taken aback by her work in reality TV. But, I remember Wendy explaining that story is story. Whatever you’re writing, whether it be a book, reality tv, or a medical drama, great shows need great stories. 

Wendy shared with us one of the old Empire scripts and explained story development and character arcs. She emphasized the importance of story development and knowing our characters. I remember speaking to other writers in the room and we were all blown away by what she shared with us. 

From that event with Wendy at Fox Studios in Los Angeles, I remembered these three things.  

  1. The best thing a writer can do for him or herself is to become a better writer. 
  2. We need complex characters and great storylines. 
  3. Utilize all of your writing experiences to become a better writer.

Congratulations Wendy! You deserve the best. Here are the links to follow Wendy on Twitter and Instagram.

**Wendy Calhoun photo courtesy IG @WendyCalhoun**

5 Reasons We Need An Awards Show For People Who Can Deliver Dope 1 Liners

5 Reasons We Need An Awards Show For People Who Can Deliver Dope 1 Liners

Welcome to the Dope 1 Liner Awards Show

After reading parts of Issa Rae’s monologue as the host for the CFDA Awards, I’ve decided that there needs to be an awards show for people who can deliver dope 1-2 line commentary. 


Awards Show

This is the part of Issa Rae’s monologue that is award worthy: 

“I’m about as fashionable as Kanye is black, only when it’s convenient. That joke was my choice, just like slavery.” 

For anyone who thinks I’m simply joking, I’m not. Here are the five reasons: 

  1. Being succinct is an art form. Try to explain to me the unique quality of an avocado. Yep, you probably can’t do it, but a dope 1 line linguist could.
  2. People are dumb. Some people think Wakanda is a place they can find on a map. Wakanda may be forever, but it is also imaginary. 
  3. Dope 1 Liners are more powerful. The more words you use to explain your point, the weaker the argument. Seriously, if it takes you a paragraph to explain why Kanye’s slavery comment was anti-black, then I’m accusing you of getting liposuction and having man boobs. Plus, I fell asleep when you started the second sentence.
  4. Dope 1 Liners cut down on the amount of time we’re arguing at the dinner table. Give a dope 1 liner, shut up your opponent and let’s eat. My macaroni and cheese was getting cold.
  5. Dope 1 liners are enlightening and confusing at the same time. A dope 1 liner gives you the sense that you’ve learned something but you’re not quite sure what it is. I like this feeling. It reminds me of the time my Hampton professor tried to explain the black bourgeoisie. I was intrigued yet confused AF. 

Here are 5 People that I’d like to recommend for the Dope 1-2 Liners awards. (In no particular order…)

  1. Issa Rae
  2. Dave Chappelle
  3. Chris Rock
  4. Lena Waithe 
  5. Wanda Sykes 

For the inaugural awards show, I nominate Issa Rae to win the award because she inspired the show. Good night. God bless and all niggas are stars. If you don’t know what the last five words means, look it up. I am not using the N word inappropriately. 

Peace and Love,




Wanda Sykes Kicks Roseanne To The Curb

Wanda Sykes Kicks Roseanne To The Curb

Wanda Sykes Takes Her Talents Elsewhere

Writer, Comedian and Producer, Wanda Sykes parted ways with the Roseanne show. According to a tweet from Wanda, herself, she’s not returning to Season 2 of Roseanne. Though no further explanation was offered, many suggest Wanda’s departure is in direct relation to Roseanne tweeting that Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama’s former aides looks like “Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes had a baby.” Yep, Roseanne tweeted that.

Wanda Sykes

Courtesy of Wanda Sykes Instagram

As much as we want to, “keep black folk working,” we appreciate Wanda for stepping off of the Roseanne show. Real power is being able to walk away from situations that you deem inappropriate or out of sync for your brand and your life. Real power is being able to pay your bills even though you turned down some money. To our knowledge, Wanda has not stated why she’s leaving. But, still, if we can read between the lines, we know that tweet wasn’t cool.

 And at the end of the day, no matter why Wanda stepped off, we respect her for it. 

Though Roseanne has since stated she was “joking,” the joke was offensive. And, it speaks to Roseanne’s mindset. For Roseanne to make such a vile statement, she must think many black people look like primates. So, it’s not simply what Roseanne said about President Obama’s former adviser, its the likelihood that she thinks like that about black people on a whole. That’s sad and not deserving of an association with ABC who has tons of black and brown viewers.

We will continue to support Wanda Sykes and all of her comedic, producing and writing endeavors. Wanda can reach out to us at any time to help her promote her projects. And, we will remain watchful of ABC and see how they handle this situation. As for Roseanne…

We will not be watching your show, no matter how many times they reboot it, resuscitate it, and bring it back to life.

5 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Get More Clients

5 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Get More Clients

Use LinkedIn To Help Your Business


Photo courtesy of filmmaker @Tijjani_ Shehu_ Instagram.

A lot of people think LinkedIn is just for traditional job seekers, but LinkedIn does wonders for freelancers and entrepreneurs as well. If you’ve found this article and you’re a writer, photographer, videographer, camera person, gaffer or other crew member, here are 5 ways LinkedIn helps you attract more customers. 

  1. Post an update to your news stream showing your work. This could be a link to an article, a photo that you’ve taken, or a short clip of a video that you’ve shot. Each time you post, it’s a reminder of the kind of work you’re doing. Think of it as your personal commercial. 
  2.  Send “Can I help you?” messages. Most people are unfamiliar with a “Can I help you” message, but allow me to break it down. Those kind of messages go something like this, “Hi Bill Jones. We’ve been connected for a while. I recently did a photoshoot with zebras in the safari. I don’t know if you’re interested in that kind of thing. But let me know if I can help you in any way with your photography needs.”
  3. Join groups in your interest area. If you are a videographer, join videographer groups. People post gigs in those groups. When you see the gigs posted, respond.
  4. Join your alumni networks. Many college graduates want to support their fellow alums. So, join your alumni network and share a post of what you’re doing. You’d be surprised, but someone will reach out and say, “Hey, I need someone doing exactly what you do.”
  5. Network with people who hire people doing what you do. Say for example you’re a writer and you see a person who you’re connected with who works at a publishing company. When you first met them, they may not have worked at that publishing company. Reach out to them with an email and let them know that you’re a writer and you’re taking on new clients and new projects.

Check Out The Black TV Film Crew Marketing & Resource Library

These tips are super easy and don’t take a lot of time. Social media can be overwhelming. But, we must use social media to our benefit. LinkedIn provides an excellent on-ramp to get more customers.