5 Friends Every Filmmaker Needs

5 Friends Every Filmmaker Needs

A Filmmaker Needs Friends … The Right Ones.

Being a filmmaker is hard work. It’s an uphill battle at times. You struggle to get people to notice your work. You fight to get paid for your art. And at the end of a hard day, you want to have someone to bond with who understands your pain. For that reason we’ve compiled this list: 5 Friends Every Filmmaker Needs 

1. The Friend with Money / Producer Friend.

This is the friend who is well-read and is somewhat a capitalist. They have stocks, bonds and a 401k. They understand that there are people who make art and other people who support it. This friend will help your kickstarter campaign and knows other people with money.

2. The Socially Conscious Friend / Reality Check Friend.

This is the person who makes sure you don’t go off supporting Donald Trump because you’ve become so out of touch with your black roots. This person reminds you of dope people like Malcolm X, and Tahneisi Coates and knows that sometimes you grind so much, you’re not reading like you’re supposed to. But this friend keeps you woke. 


Photo courtesy Crew Member @coreyabrooks86 Instagram

3. The Therapist Friend / Won’t Put You In A Straight Jacket Friend.

This is the person who knows how hard you work but also knows your struggle with mental health. It’s no secret creatives have a higher incidence of mental illness. This person checks on you and notices things like when you disappear from social media or when you stop answering your phone. This person saves your life by simply being in your life. 

4. The Share Your Dream Friend / Partner In Crime Friend.

This is the person who may share your skill or passion for your work. This person is willing to go to conferences, film festivals, writing retreats, etc. with you. This person keeps your passion alive because you can look at that person and see yourself. This is the friend who literally grows with you. 

5. The Networking Friend / Help Get The Word Out Friend.

This is the person who knows people who know people. This person probably knows some friends with money, but they also know people who hire for jobs, they know people who will promote your work. Bottom line: They know people. This person is an asset because just knowing them increases the people who know you.

Look at your list of homies. Now ask yourself, “Do I have this starting five amongst my friends?” If not, it’s time to network and create your winning team. We have teammates on Instagram and on Facebook. And if you need us to act as your Share Your Dream Friend, sign up to the newsletter and we’ll help to keep your dream alive.  Of course, our resident networker is yours truly, I love making friends. 

**Featured photo courtesy of crew member @Write_TheFilm on Instagram.

A Wrinkle In Time Is Not In Competition With Black Panther

A Wrinkle In Time Is Not In Competition With Black Panther

A Wrinkle In Time IS A Wrinkle In Time

When A Wrinkle In Time hit theaters last week, I was disappointed when I saw  articles comparing Wrinkle with Black Panther. Black Panther in its fourth week at the box office bested A Wrinkle In Time as it did every other film that came out that week. But A Wrinkle In Time doesn’t have to make as much money at the box office as Black Panther in order to be a good movie. A Wrinkle In Time doesn’t have to make $1 Billion at the box office to be a good movie. The only thing A Wrinkle In Time has to do is be a good movie.

When I thought about the people who were pitting A Wrinkle In Time against Black Panther, I remembered the readings from my Afro Studies class at Hampton University. Those classes taught me about the field negro and and house negro and the slave masters who pitted them against each other. I remembered the discussion in class about the animosity between light-skinned and dark-skinned people of African descent.

I remembered learning that people who pitted black people against each other always had an agenda–to divide and conquer.

But there will be no division here, not with these two movies, not with these two directors.

Ava Duvernay, who is the director of A Wrinkle In Time, is not in competition with Ryan Coogler who is the director of Black Panther.

They are colleagues, sister and brother in arms, two African Americans who are fortunate enough to helm the #1 and #2 movies in the entire United States.

That’s what they are. What they aren’t? They are not enemies. They are not two people routing for the other to fail. Sometimes people who write about the entertainment business but are not actually working as creators in the entertainment business forget a few things.

  1. Black creators who’ve worked so hard to make it believe in the success of their fellow black creatives.
  2. Black creatives know that with every success from a fellow colleague, it increases their chance of success.
  3. There are enough opportunities to go around.

If there is anything that I’ve learned helming Black TV Film Crew with a network of over 4,000 people it is this: Black creatives believe in each other. We do. We want you to succeed because if you succeed that means we can be successful.

I’m not going to call out the slave masters who pit Ava against Ryan. But I will say, “Go back to the plantation. Slavery is over.”

We will continue to support our creatives in every shape, form and fashion. And to keep it really, real Disney owns both of these movies. So, uh, there is no division, it is ALL DISNEY.






Get your Black Panther Tickets

Get your Black Panther Tickets

We want to encourage everyone to get their Black Panther tickets as soon as they can. Do not list to anyone tell you that it’s sold out. Please check for yourself. We want to support this movie and show Marvel and the world why we gonna need Black Panther 2!!!! I purchased my tickets today. My son and I will be seeing the movie on Friday, February 16 at 5:15pm.

Brownie Babii: Talks Creating A Viral Web Series

Brownie Babii: Talks Creating A Viral Web Series

Our Instagram crew members have spoken. And, they have voted for Brownie Babii, the creator, writer, and director of the “Cold Wold Web Series” to be featured on Black TV Film Crew. Season Two of Cold World just premiered with 14,591 viewers for the first episode. With more than 4k subscribers and 250k views for the first season, folks love the gritty, realness of Cold World. Black TV Film Crew took a moment to chop it up with the Executive Producer, herself, Brownie Babii. She’s a New Yorker, born and bred, and loves the support she’s received for her series. She’s grinds like she’s out here trying to make a difference. She is. She’s reminding us of the fact that we live in a Cold World.

When did you start filmmaking? 

I started my journey in 2006 when I shot and starred in my first Web Series.

Cold World is a New York City based web series which shows the trials and tribulations of men and women as they go through relationships and finding their way in the Queens jungle. With more edge than a razor, in this show you’re either getting it or you’re getting got.  There is no in between.

What motivates you to create your projects?

Life’s moments and people’s truths, and the environment in which we were molded. There are  so many untold stories.

In season one, Brownie’s character, Kimberly, has remained faithful to her man on lockdown. But when he gets out, he starts acting real shady with his text messages. Hello, side chicks of the world!  When Kimberly finds out, she goes Shaka Zulu on him and detonates the relationship. Not one for a whole lot of tears and Kleenex, she moves on and keeps it moving. In real life, Brownie has dealt with being the black sheep of her family, a high school drop out and a problem student. But she’s also been a leader, ambitious and a motivator among her peers. She’s a mom and works hard to make her dreams come true.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

I have ambition and I’m a leader.  I’m a Black woman and I dare to stand out in a world that is male dominated. I don’t use my body but knowledge to get the job done.

Role models, leaders, and change agents come in all shapes and sizes. They come with GED’s and PhDs. They come gritty and pristine. They come ready to fight or ready to talk. The point is they come. We salute Brownie Babii for working hard make her vision a reality. Check her out on the internets… Peace! www.coldworldnyc.com.        Subscribe www.youtube.com/coldworldwebseries Facebook: Cold World Web Series   Instagram @coldworldwebseries Twitter @COLDWORLDNYC **Do you know of a Black TV Film Crew member deserving of a spotlight. Hit us up! And don’t forget to subscribe to CREW NEWS so you don’t miss updates and gigs. **
Join 65k other viewers and check out the pilot episode of the Cold World Web Series. 
Dee Rees has already made Oscar History

Dee Rees has already made Oscar History

Dee Rees, the writer / director of Mudbound, was recently named the first black woman nominated for an Oscar for an adapted screenplay. Wow!!! The nomination is for Mudbound which premiered on Netflix.