Black Web Series Love: What’s New In July

Black Web Series Love: What’s New In July

Our crew members are some of the most talented creatives on the planet. So, here are some web series created, written by, and/ or produced by our members and hitting the net in July. 

Unconditional Love Series created and written by: Thomas Mason Jr. and Joseph Goncalves

Web Series

Unconditional Love Series

July 17th – Final Season Premiere

Series Synopsis: Explores the ups and downs of a romance between a black gay couple. According to the creators, “The show was created because we were not seeing our stories told in an authentic way in mainstream media. As content creators, we find it especially important to include images that are often ignored, erased, or exploited. We decided to fill the void by creating a show with a gay, black men at the forefront. Our show humanizes the marginalized and we take pride in telling responsible, impactful stories where everyone can draw experience.

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54:17 web series created, written and directed by Frantzy Moreau 

July 20th Premiere

Web Series

Frantzy Moreau

 Series Synopsis: A young gunsmith (Isaiah) has mended the weapons that are going to kill the people he can save from them. This series has veteran actress JoMarie Payton as a part of the team. According to the Writer / Director / Creator, Frantzy Moreau, “Most of you know JoMarie Payton as Harriette Winslow from Family Matters! I had the honor of having the Mom I’ve watched on TV all my life and low key raised me actually portray my Mom in my project and bring to life my vision and lines that I wrote! Watch how she delivers the lines.”

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The 6th degree TV web series written and directed by Lyandre Pierre. 

July 20th Premiere

web seriesSeries Synopsis: The 6th Degree is a multimedia project that combines a scripted story with real roundtable conversations on the topics of race, masculinity, femininity, relationships, artistry, and mortality. In each episode you are introduced to the central character of the next episode. Journey with us as we explore what it means to be connected in a world full of differences.

Website and Watch It On YouTube

Series: Po’ Psi Broke web series created* and directed by Akil DuPont.

web series

Po Psi Broke

July 21st live in ATL and 8pm online Premiere

Series Synopsis: A series about a rich freshman trying to get into a poor and PROUD fraternity! Inspired by Kanye’s “Broke Phi Broke” skit, Po’ Psi Broke is the highly-anticipated new production guaranteed to get you a new 6-pack from laughing!

*Tyler Buckingham is also a co-writer on this series. 

Website and Watch it on Youtube

*If you have a web series that is premiering, let us know. Email us with the subject line: Web Series Love. We are currently prepping our August and September lists. Don’t be late. 

Katherine Murray-Satchell: Talks Web Series and Producing

Katherine Murray-Satchell: Talks Web Series and Producing

Our team fell in love with The New Adult, a black web series created by Los Angeles based Writer / Director Katherine Murray Satchell. The series follows Amber, a millennial, who is struggling with becoming an adult, hence the title, “The New Adult.” The first season was shot in 16 days and Katherine’s take on story is refreshing. We interviewed her to learn about the inspiration behind The New Adult and introduce this talented writer / director to our readers.

Black Web Series Spotlight

Katherine was motivated to write The New Adult in what she calls, “the second wave of my quarter life crisis.” She explains, “I was having trouble adjusting to adulthood. I started to think about my peers in their late 20s who were going through the same thing. We didn’t know what we were doing, where we were going in our lives. Then, I started thinking about how my generation was raised, and how some of us were coddled so much, that we weren’t properly trained to survive in the real world. I thought to myself, how funny would it be if someone in their 30s was put into that situation? Someone who was coddled, spoiled, and just didn’t have their shit together?” To say Amber doesn’t have it together is the understatement of the decade. She is hilariously clueless and unbelievable inept. And yet you believe in her, you route for her, and sometimes you scratch your head wondering, “Who did this to their child?”

All the way from Philadelphia

Katherine admits Amber’s character is influenced by a combination of people that she grew up around. A Philadelphia native, Katherine attended a diverse high school and in the city that spawned Will Smith, Eve, Boyz II Men, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Roots, she fell in love with alt-rock. How’s that for a mind bender? But it’s not simply the alt-rock influence which shaped Katherine and thereby Amber, it’s the 6 foot black girl from high school who’s still fresh in her mind today.

“I met this girl and she blew my mind. She was black, six feet tall, with red streaks in her hair, and a punk rock/anime look going on…”

Katherine continues, “I thought she was amazing! I didn’t know there were black girls like that in the world. Her outward appearance and her outspoken, fun personality was a huge influence on Amber’s character.” Amber’s character makes the “New Adult” one of the best web series ever. Like many directors who praise their lead actors, Katherine is no different. She beams talking about Amber Morse who plays the titular character, “She is an immensely talented actress and musician, and has the patience of a flood. I’m very fortunate to have her be a part of the series.  She just got the show right away, and trusted me enough to be down for whatever. She’s great!” A versatile writer, Katherine is interested in “projects that question generational standards, stories about small pockets of the Black community (goths, witches, nerds), and the occasional love story. All of this with at least a shred of humor.” Katherine learned many things when shooting the first season of The New Adult but this nugget we had to share,

“Making a web series is hard, you guys. Like, seriously. Anyone who tells you it’s a piece of cake is full of shit…”

She continues, “It’s a commitment, it’s the monkey on your back, it’s a nightmare, and it’ll push you to the edge of your sanity. But it’s so rewarding and satisfying to say “That’s a wrap on season 1”.  That monkey jumps off your back for like five minutes before it starts clawing at your toes again.” A committed writer who knows how to manage her schedule, believes in writer’s groups and is thankful for having a strong production background, Katherine’s work is unique, insightful and funny as hell. Please watch the entire first season of The New Adult when you get a chance. The pilot is below.
Brownie Babii: Talks Creating A Viral Web Series

Brownie Babii: Talks Creating A Viral Web Series

Our Instagram crew members have spoken. And, they have voted for Brownie Babii, the creator, writer, and director of the “Cold Wold Web Series” to be featured on Black TV Film Crew. Season Two of Cold World just premiered with 14,591 viewers for the first episode. With more than 4k subscribers and 250k views for the first season, folks love the gritty, realness of Cold World. Black TV Film Crew took a moment to chop it up with the Executive Producer, herself, Brownie Babii. She’s a New Yorker, born and bred, and loves the support she’s received for her series. She’s grinds like she’s out here trying to make a difference. She is. She’s reminding us of the fact that we live in a Cold World.

When did you start filmmaking? 

I started my journey in 2006 when I shot and starred in my first Web Series.

Cold World is a New York City based web series which shows the trials and tribulations of men and women as they go through relationships and finding their way in the Queens jungle. With more edge than a razor, in this show you’re either getting it or you’re getting got.  There is no in between.

What motivates you to create your projects?

Life’s moments and people’s truths, and the environment in which we were molded. There are  so many untold stories.

In season one, Brownie’s character, Kimberly, has remained faithful to her man on lockdown. But when he gets out, he starts acting real shady with his text messages. Hello, side chicks of the world!  When Kimberly finds out, she goes Shaka Zulu on him and detonates the relationship. Not one for a whole lot of tears and Kleenex, she moves on and keeps it moving. In real life, Brownie has dealt with being the black sheep of her family, a high school drop out and a problem student. But she’s also been a leader, ambitious and a motivator among her peers. She’s a mom and works hard to make her dreams come true.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

I have ambition and I’m a leader.  I’m a Black woman and I dare to stand out in a world that is male dominated. I don’t use my body but knowledge to get the job done.

Role models, leaders, and change agents come in all shapes and sizes. They come with GED’s and PhDs. They come gritty and pristine. They come ready to fight or ready to talk. The point is they come. We salute Brownie Babii for working hard make her vision a reality. Check her out on the internets… Peace!        Subscribe Facebook: Cold World Web Series   Instagram @coldworldwebseries Twitter @COLDWORLDNYC **Do you know of a Black TV Film Crew member deserving of a spotlight. Hit us up! And don’t forget to subscribe to CREW NEWS so you don’t miss updates and gigs. **
Join 65k other viewers and check out the pilot episode of the Cold World Web Series. 
Dallas Alexis Talks NY Underground Kingz

Dallas Alexis Talks NY Underground Kingz

Director, Co-Writer and Co-Producer, Dallas Alexis, is proud to announce the second season of the successful web series, New York Underground Kingz which airs in full on YouTube. The show tells the story of a man called Osiris (Rubin Hernandez), as he is making his way in life. Osiris, commonly referred to as O, is navigating the street life and dreams of rap stardom.

Dallas breaks down the inspiration behind NY Underground Kingz: The original concept of the New York Underground Kingz was pitched to me by Omari Levers. I always wanted to do a web series, I was actually writing one at the time NY Underground Kingz came up. What made me take the project were the characters in the script, the challenge of putting a project of that magnitude together and I also can see the potential for this to be really big, especially with the web series genre growing.

Dallas breaks down the inspiration behind NY Underground Kingz: The original concept of the New York Underground Kingz was pitched to me by Omari Levers. I always wanted to do a web series, I was actually writing one at the time NY Underground Kingz came up. What made me take the project were the characters in the script, the challenge of putting a project of that magnitude together and I also can see the potential for this to be really big, especially with the web series genre growing.

I can see the potential for this to be really big.

Dallas Alexis

Director / Co-Writer / Co-Producer, DA Media

The Underground Kingz Breakdown:

“New York Underground Kingz” is a unique series that offers insight into the five boroughs of New York City. The show presents many pertinent subjects that a large demographic of the NYC population are routinely engaged in. The show captures the “only in New York” lifestyle and ambience with authentic imagery of distinct neighborhoods that reflect the urban landscape. “New York Underground Kingz” is inspired by true events.

Please check out The NY Underground Kingz Social Links:

IG Page –

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Website –

More About Dallas:

Dallas Alexis is the Founder at D.A. Media and is the Urban Summit Director at the Hip Hop Film Festival NYC.