Thursday, May 19, 2022

STEAM Careers In The Movie Industry You’d Never Think Of

When most people think of careers in the film and television industry, what comes to mind are writers (possibly), directors, camera operators, actors and maybe producers. The truth is, there are so many more roles behind the scenes of our favorite shows and flicks.

From visual effects to color, sound and editing, coordinators, assistants and science, technology and engineering, there is much more to bringing visions from script to screen.

In this video, the Academy talks to working Academy members and film professionals about their careers in the movie industry along with the skills, education and hard work required to make your dreams come true.

There are countless roles in film that we’ve never heard of. A few that might draw an eyebrow raise are: software engineer, imaging specialist, asset management and more. Check this out to learn more about the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math opportunities available in Hollywood.

Are you currently working in Hollywood? If so, what role surprised you the most?

Photo Credit: Canva

Sharee Silerio
Sharee Silerio
Sharee Silerio is a screenwriter and filmmaker who tells stories where Black women and girls exist as full human beings on screen and feel seen, heard, loved and affirmed beyond the screen. Her film and television credits include projects on cable and streaming platforms such as Netflix, Oxygen, Comedy Central, MTV, Prime Video and more.

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