Nth Ward Movie Trailer Camille Brown

Nth Ward Movie Trailer Camille Brown

The Nth Ward Movie Poster

The Nth Ward Movie Trailer

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The Nth Ward is a chilling suspense thriller about a woman haunted by the childhood disappearance of her parents.  Madison, now an engineer with the US Army Corps, and Kitch, a local contractor, are two conflicting personalities paired in a government program to assess the ongoing devastation of the Ninth Ward from the hurricane that savaged New Orleans a decade before.  Efforts to rebuild have been thwarted.  Bizarre happenings and disappearances lead them to believe that some darker force is at work.  When she seeks out the mysterious woman whose house stood unscathed in the eye of the storm, Madison’s own personal mystery engulfs her.  Her relentless pursuit of truth threatens Kitch’s dearest aspiration and their very lives and livelihoods.  Madison must look beyond the natural, the scientific.  Is it witchcraft or a clandestine government plan?  Can she and Kitch unmask the ward’s secret before it consumes them?

A Survivor’s Passionate Plea Tahiera Monique Brown

A Survivor’s Passionate Plea Tahiera Monique Brown

Tahiera shares A Survivor’s Passionate Plea

A Survivor’s Passionate Plea is Tahiera Monique Brown’s story. The video above explains her passion for bringing this story to film.  The text below comes from the review of her autobiography.

She was admitted to Grady Memorial Hospital under mysterious circumstances, an apparent suicide attempt. Her daughter Trisha, frightened and bewildered, was brought in to confirm her mother’s identity. “That’s the Lady,” said the girl. Down the corridor Tisha could see him, the man all three – mother, daughter and son – called the Old Man.

But who was this man, and what dark, uncanny power enabled him to invade a family’s life and hold them hostage in urban Atlanta for two years, in plain sight?

In gripping and blunt detail, and at times in rapid-fire fashion, Barbara Clark tells her story, recovering jagged pieces of life and assembling them into a mosaic of love, renewal, freedom and hope.

J. Tom Morgan is put to the test of his life as he tries to protect this family from the torments of a strangely charismatic – but deadly dangerous – old man. Barbara Clark is set on a path that requires divine strength and armor not of this world.

It has been said that hell is the absence of light. Annihilator of Innocence is about moving from darkness into the light.