Director/ Editor / Writer and CEO of Quiverfull Production William Wonders just finished working on the documentary “Fixing Grandma” which deals with the disparity between the black community and medicine/patient care. He talked with Black TV Film Crew about his work, inspiration and influences.

William explains the inspiration behind Fixing Grandma:

A way to spend time with my grandmother for me would be taking her to her doctor’s appointments. My grandmother was 83 at the time. In a matter of 6 months my grandmother went from traveling around the world, to not being able to walk. So when I took her to several doctors they all kept saying the same thing, “When you get older these things happen”. I was not happy. We were finally referred to a doctor that gave us a truthful diagnosis and a solution. This led me to ask why did she wait so long? I began to see this trend in my community–black people not going to the doctor, enduring pain for years even. It was time to have a conversation with the medical community and my community.



My advice for students and young professionals who may be inspired by my work is to create, practice your craft, and ABL–Always Be Learning. Know who you are but never put yourself in position to not listen and learn something. Ego does not make you better, confidence does.

William Wonders III

Director / Editor / Writer / CEO, Quiverfull Production

How do you hope your work will connect with people?

I hope that “Fixing Grandma” will start dialogue in the medical and black community, that bring ways for my community to get quality help and great patient care.

Were you inspired by anyone in the industry to proceed on your current career path? If so, who?

I had low self esteem when I was younger and my family really helped me with that. But I would say watching Wesley Snipes, John Singleton, and Robert Townsend. Really inspired me.

Share an interesting story with us from your childhood that has impacted your life.

It was my 16th birthday and My family took me to Junior’s in Brooklyn.  I went to the bathroom and when I came back my family told me to close my eyes. So I did. Then a smooth deep voice says hey man how are you doing? I look up and it’s Wesley Snipes. While everyone who he was with was trying to look important, he waited till I got out the bathroom to say hello to me and speak encouraging words. He told me I could do anything and to be great. So  despite what Mr. Snipes has gone through, he has always been and inspiration for me.

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More About William:

“I do freelance work for MTV overnight, and then when I get home I edit, shoot, direct projects for my production company. I average between 4 and 6 hours of sleep a day and 1 hour of working out.”


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