The entertainment industry is full of people who wear many hats. Many of us start with one title and five years down the road, we have transitioned into something else. The key is to become skilled in your fedora wearing–skilled enough to be respected, earn clients and build your brand. Skinny Corleone, a Washington, DC based entertainment executive has successfully worn a baseball cap, a bolero, a top hat, a newsboy cap, a visor and many more. He currently runs 49th Parallel Management, an agency that represents actors and models in DC, Maryland, Virginia, Atlanta and California. In addition, he writes, directs and produces his own films. He sat down with me to discuss his journey.

What motivated you to create 49th Parallel Management?

In 2005, I was primarily a videographer when I was tapped to direct a music video by a local rap artist. I had been dealing with models to help cast them in music videos by male rappers in the region. A close friend, client and local DC rap artist by the name of HP The Vet used to try to convince me to get in the industry and start managing female models. But I was not confident or even ready. But in late 2009, after winning 3 DMV-EMA Awards for Best Video Director back-to-back-to-back (in 2007, 2008 & 2009), I had built up my name, clout in the local industry and was able to at least confidently start approaching a few models and ask them if they’d like to be represented by a freelance agent.

Get real acting training because the actor segment is full of competition.

Skinny Corleone

Lead Agent / Writer / Director, 49th Parallel Films

How did you start representing actors?

I started out with mostly representing female models. It was hard getting them good PAID work. In the independent entertainment industry, actors get paid way more often than models. So while still building my name as a new agent in the local industry, I quickly started representing female actors as well.

What advice do you give to up and coming actors who are trying to break into the business?

I advise them to have a support system and hard work ethic along with resilience. A support system, for women, is if they have children, [they need] someone to watch their child if they are to be on set for hours at a time and/or transportation options. Also, get real acting training because the actor segment is full of competition.

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49th Parallel Films is now looking to build its current video and film library for mobile, home, web and theatrical entertainment. During it’s inception, 49th Parallel has grown into a formidable leading, trendsetter and Award winning Production Company via it’s Founder-Producer-Director Skinny Corleone and looks to venture into the fields of Television production & syndication as well as Digital Distribution for film productions and eventually make acquisitions to foster more growth of its video-film library through strategic networking, collaborations and partnerships.


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