Victoria Gregg Decides To Learn About Herself

Victoria Gregg is the Executive Producer of Akata Documentary, a documentary in which she discovers her ancestral roots. At 28-years-old, Victoria has taken initiative to uncover her past.  As the Akata Documentary highlights her journey, she shares her internal frustrations of not knowing her ancestral heritage. Her courage propels her to seek  and find answers. After she takes a genealogy test, Victoria’s world view drastically changes.  The test allows her to insert members into her family tree giving her new information. From meeting distant relatives to visiting the actual slave cabins where her ancestor’s lived, the Akata Documentary will take you on an emotional roller coaster of self-discovery palatable by Victoria’s quirky sense of humor.



As an adult, I grew tired of telling people, “I don’t know where my ancestors originated from…”

Victoria Gregg

Writer / Executive Producer

Willing to learn about myself

A Call To Action:

“This film is a call to action that encourages millennials to actively seek out their heritage. Whether it be through DNA testing, communicating with elders or searching family obituaries; gaining family history and learning traditional customs fills in the blanks in this coloring book that makes up our identity. We owe it to future generations to find this information out now before time destroys evidence and before oral history is forgotten.”

What Motivated Me To Produce Akata Documentary:

“I realized really young that not only was I black, but there was a HUGE probability that my ancestors were African. At that stage, I also decided that I was NOT going to claim a whole continent because, in my young mind, that seemed silly. As an adult, I grew tired of telling people “I don’t know where my ancestors originated from”. That’s when I realized that my story is really common, but many of “us” don’t take the time to research our own personal history. Bam! Here we are.


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More About Victoria:

Prior to her life as a filmmaker, Victoria worked as a digital media consultant helping small business build their online presence. She attended  graduate school at Hawaii Pacific University. After graduating and moving back to her hometown of Silver Spring, MD, she became the Associate Producer for a boutique production company called UP Studios LLC. In between clients, she dedicates her time and resources to the success of this project.


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