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7 Risk Factors For Depression Everyone Should Know

There are 7 risk factors for depression that everyone should know. At Black TV Film Crew, we want to support your work but also your mental health. People who work in the creative field have shown to have a higher susceptibility of depression. We’ve witnessed too many people suffer in silence and wanted to share these 7 risk factors for depression. 

7 Risk Factors For Depression

  1. Loneliness & Isolation: Many of us think we can do everything on our own until we realize that we can’t. Being lonely and isolating ourselves can increase our risk of depression. 
  2. Marital or Relationship Problems: Abusive relationships or bad relationships make us more susceptible to depression. 
  3. Recent Stressful Life Experiences: Unemployment, financial problems, losing a loved one, and divorce are all stressful life experiences that can increase our risk of depression. 
  4. Chronic Illness or Pain: Unmanaged pain or a chronic illness diagnosis like diabetes, heart disease or cancer can increase our risk of depression. 
  5. Family History: They say, “Mental illness runs in families.” So, if you have depression in your family, any family member is likely to be more susceptible to also suffering from a mental illness. But, knowledge is power. Talk to your family members and equip yourself. 
  6. Personality: Some of us are chronic worriers. Many of us are so self-critical that we lower our own self-esteem. Those personality traits make us more susceptible to depression. 
  7. Early Childhood Trauma and Abuse: Survivors of childhood trauma are often told to bury what has happened to us. But many of us know that you can’t just forget being abused or traumatized. Suffering from childhood trauma and abuse can lead to depression. 

Erase the stigma of mental illness

Believing that you suffer from depression can often lead to feelings of shame or guilt. Let’s erase the stigma of mental illness. Encourage your friends and colleagues to seek help from a qualified medical professional. Please download and share this graphic. You never know who is suffering in silence. The National Suicide Helpline is 1.800.273.TALK.

Featured photo courtesy of Hian Oliveira. 

Yasmin Shiraz
Yasmin Shiraz
Yasmin Shiraz is a Screenwriter and TV producer who has worked for Lifetime, A&E, Bravo and PBS. She's a best selling author of more than 11 titles and the founder of Black TV Film Crew. She is the CEO of Still Eye Rise Media.

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