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5 Black Podcasts you should be listening to now

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We are living in an unprecedented era where we can and should be creating our own content. Whether its films, tv shows, or podcasts, we have voices that want to be heard. This short compilation is our beginning to acknowledge some dope black podcasts created for us and by us. Check ‘em out. 

Keeping Us Sport Minded and Pop Culture Savvy: Good Talk Podcast hosted by Tunde and Sam  

It’s like listening to your two brothers having a conversation. This podcast makes you smile and makes you think. Tunde and Sam bring you the latest in the world of sports and pop culture. They also feature fascinating individuals who engage in variety of conversations that includes insights on their careers. My favorite episodes include the following shows: Kobe Bryant’s legacy, their conversations with sports journalist Kelly Iko and tech-anthropologist, Alex Wolf. Find their latest episodes at:

Keeping Us Mentally Strong : Therapy for Black Girls hosted by Dr. Joy Harden 

A weekly chat with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves! Some of my favorite podcasts include topics on: Why Do We Procrastinate, Can you heal in the environment that hurt you, Protect your dream, and more. Find the latest episodes at:

Keeping Us Balanced Mind, Body & Soul : Balanced Black Girl hosted by Lestraundra Alfred

Putting black girl magic in motion, the Balanced Black Girl Podcast provides a dose of real-life wellness for women of color. Join host Lestraundra Alfred and guests for candid conversations about health, happiness, and life. This show aims to reimagine wellness and self-care to make them feel real and approachable for all. This black podcast includes guests and a wide variety of topics including some of my favorites like: Breaking Unhealthy Relationships Cycles, Traveling As A Black Woman, Building Financial Wellness, Finding Your Soulful Flow. Find the latest episodes at:

Keeping Us Woke from a Married Brotha’s Point Of View: 3 Brothers No Sense hosted by Tavares Ferguson, Byron Evans and Orazio Mancarella 

Just 3 brothers chopping it up about whatever is on our minds at the time. They discuss everything from relationships to their favorite music groups. On this podcast, three married men talk about what’s going on in their lives.  The episodes are about an hour or so. The episode that touched my heart: “Here’s looking at you Jenn.” This is a podcast episode where one of the hosts Razi shares the unexpected death of his wife Jenn just the week before. The strength of being able to share so openly and honestly is worth the listen. They discussed the attitude of cremation in the black community, being at odds with the in-laws and more. Find their latest episodes at:

Keeping Us Humble and Inspired: The People You Meet hosted by Richard White

This podcast is about telling the stories of everyday people. The People You Meet includes stories and people that mainstream media doesn’t seem as “necessary or important.” The podcast creator believes in the stories of every day people, so he took it upon himself to make sure these stories get told. “I’ve taken my podcast across the world, and I’m looking forward to telling many more stories,” Richard White stated. One of my favorite episodes featured a Grambling State Alum who was an athlete who shares why he chose to become a vegetarian. It was a great listen. The episodes are around ten minutes. Quick but filling.  Find the episodes at:

If you find some more black podcasts that are worth a listen, hit us up. Maybe we can include them in an upcoming article.

The featured photo is of Good Talk hosts Tunde and Sam, courtesy of Good Talk’s podcast page. Thank you to all the Black TV Film Crew FB group members who contributed to this list as well as the Podcasting While Black FB Group. We love ya’ll.

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Yasmin Shiraz
Yasmin Shiraz
Yasmin Shiraz is a Screenwriter and TV producer who has worked for Lifetime, A&E, Bravo and PBS. She's a best selling author of more than 11 titles and the founder of Black TV Film Crew. She is the CEO of Still Eye Rise Media.

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