Friday, October 8, 2021

5 Must See Black Comedy Specials On Netflix Right Now

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Everyone loves a good comedy special, the trouble is keeping up with the latest. Have you ever scrolled through the Netflix comedy section, but not find anything relateable or anything laugh out loud funny? We have. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Must See Black Comedy Specials airing on Netflix right now. They’re arranged by order of most recent release date, not how funny they are.

Black Comedy On Netflix?

  1. Marlon Wayans: Woke-ish (2/27/18) – Marlon has definitely been keeping himself busy these days, with a hit TV show, Marlon, comedy tours and now his new Netflix special. While addressing really hot topics in today’s society, he does so his very silly, loud and ignorant way. Classic Marlon. Memorable Wayans.
  2. Trevor Noah: Afraid Of The Dark (2/21/18)– Trevor Noah, known best for his political satire as host of the Daily Show, was truly made for stand up. The South African native, hosts this special in NYC. This show is smart, gut bustlingly funny and will make you start tuning into his prime time show. Afraid of The Dark gives more insight to how Noah thinks and his true self shines through.5 Must See Black Comedy Specials
  3. Chris Rock: Tamborine (2/14/18) – Chris Rock takes you through his divorce and life after in Tamborine, but in a way much like his Everybody Hates Chris days, leaving you in tears. In Tamborine, Rock admits he knew he made it when he’s in divorce court and realizes that he has to pay all of the lawyers himself. Ca-ching! Chris Rock, at his best, is honest and his brutal honesty is hilarious.


4. Dave Chapelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation (12/31/17)– Chapelle has a two-part comedy special that came out over the second half of last year, and each one will have you literally in tears. In true Dave Chapelle fashion, he tells tales of his life at home, and life on the road. He brings along that hilarious narrative voice from the Chapelle Show. Chapelle sets the tone of the special during his opening when he delivers a punchline so funny that you never see it coming, plus he references Stove Top stuffing.

5. Multiple People: Def Comedy Jam 25 (9/2/17)– The absolutely funniest and most nostalgic special to come to Netflix in the last few months, is Def Comedy Jam. Hosted by Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, DL Hugely and Dave Chappelle, this special takes you back in time to the 90’s and the original Def Comedy Jam series. Performers from the 90’s returned to the stage and did small sets. As a Martin Lawrence fan, I think my favorite part was when Dave Chappelle acknowledged Marty Mar in the audience and his contribution to comedy. You could just feel the love.          

These 5 Must See Black Comedy specials will have you feeling black and proud. Get your snacks together, find a seat on the couch and get your laugh on. These specials will not disappoint.


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