Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Inspiration for Black Creatives on Pinterest

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African American Images for Inspiration and Motivation

Are you ever looking for sources of inspiration to keep going as a writer, filmmaker, or simply African American grinding? Well, Black TV Film Crew began curating inspiring and motivating images on Pinterest a couple of months ago. The goal of our Pinterest page is to remind people of color that we’ve come so far. And, we still have so much important work to do. 

Our images are viewed by 6k people monthly.  They show people such as Phylicia Rashad, Flo Jo, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, and LeBron James. We have an assortment of Black Comedians, Black Actresses, Black Actors, Black Directors, and Black Writers. And for all you people who want to go back to Wakanda, we have a curation of images from the Black Panther Movie. Yep, that means Michael B. Jordan, Ryan Coogler, Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright and the rest of the warriors.


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When I need to be reminded of how far black people have come in America, I look at images of people like Lena Horne, Ruby Dee, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey. They climbed mountains people didn’t even think they could see.

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Inspiration, Matthew A. Cherry
The link to this profile of Matthew A. Cherry appears in our Black Directors page on Pinterest.

To further promote our members we have curated images of our crew members as well. So, you’ll see our fabulousness right next to the well-known celebrities. And, if you’re looking for Black Photographers, Black Vloggers, Black Illustrators and other people who are doing creative things while Black, the Black TV Film Crew Pinterest page has you covered. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll also appreciate our images that contain Gifts for Black Writers, Quotes from African Americans, Pro Black Tee Shirts, and Black Animated Short Films. We’re constantly adding more images to keep the motivation and inspiration alive for black folks creating art and who are in the entertainment business. 

We’re not sure if our members are on Pinterest, but if you are, please hop over to the Black TV Film Crew page and follow us. I’m sure some of our 33 boards are guaranteed to inspire you and remind you as to why you became a black creative in the first place. 


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