Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Undercover TV Show Streaming On Amazon

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Review: Undercover TV Show

We recently watched the Undercover TV show streaming on Amazon. The six part series is a BBC production co-produced with BBC America. It follows the story of Maya Cobbina, a British lawyer who fights for a black man on death row in America.

Unbeknownst to Maya, she’s been married to an undercover detective for twenty years.  This gripping and racially tense story mirrors many of the conflicts between police and the black community in America.  Peter Moffat, a former barrister aka lawyer, created Undercover. Moffat researched British police officers who had formed relationships with black activists under investigation. Undercover shows various flashbacks to Maya’s days as a black activist and intertwines them with her current work as a barrister fighting for the innocent.

There’s an interesting storyline about Maya becoming the first black Director of Public Prosecutions. However, the challenges she must feel by being “the first black” are not explored on screen. Nonetheless, the series is binge-worthy.


Sophie Okenedo stars as Maya. This role required emotional and physical depth. Her character learns of her manufactured life and tries to save an innocent man from death row. Did we mention she suffers from epileptic seizures? Yep. Dennis Haysbert plays the condemned but innocent deathrow inmate. Adrian Lester stars as Maya’s deceitful husband. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. Seriously. Every. Word.

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Peter Moffat, a playwright and screenwriter, wrote all six episodes of this crime drama. He’s known for the TV drama Hawking.


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