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What You Can Do Now To Fight Against Police Brutality

Family, we’ve cried too many tears, we’ve sang too many church songs, we’ve worn out our knees praying and not a thing has changed. So, with the help of some crew members, I’ve compiled numbers to call to fight for justice for George Floyd, to fight against police brutality. There are numbers to call in case of unlawful arrests while protesting, petitions to sign and action items. We are not taking this lying down anymore. It’s time for change. Use your cell phone and make some noise. And every time you can vote in an election, vote your conscience. Vote for what is going to help the Black community. Here’s your list of what you can do to fight police brutality and keep the heat on: 

George Floyd

  • Call DA Mike Freeman in Minnesota (612.348.5550) and demand prosecution for:
  • Derek Chauvin (Badge #1087) and Tou Thoa (Badet #7162)
  • Text FLOYD to 55-156; Text JUSTICE to 66-8336; Text ENOUGH to 55-165

Breonna Taylor

Leave a message for Louisville Mayor and demand justice for Breonna Taylor. The Mayor’s number is 502.574.2003. 

Protest Related

  • Numbers to Call in case of unlawful arrests at protests: 
  • Los Angeles: 310.313.3700
  • San Antonio, TX: 210.227.1515 
  • Richmond, VA: 804.291.8520
  • New York: 783.346.6322
  • Minneapolis: 612.444.2654 
  • Atlanta: 404.689.1519
  • Philadelphia: 484.758.0388
  • Louisville: 502. 705.0081

Petitions to Sign

  • Justice for George Floyd – Change.org
  • Colors of Change – #JusticeForFloyd
  • Justice for Breonna Taylor – Change.org
  • Justice for Ahmaud Arbery – Change.org 

Action Items

Register to vote and vote in every election. People often think the presidential election is the most important one, but the president doesn’t change laws the other legislators do. That’s why we need to vote in smaller elections.

When possible, don’t travel alone. We need witnesses. Too many of these incidents have happened when Black people have been by themselves. Try to travel in pairs at least. 

Record everything. Everything. How many of these tragedies would we have missed if it weren’t for some person recording? Everybody has a responsibility to our community to record everything. 

Get a Dash Camera for your vehicle. Yes, we need those because people will take your phone. 

Have a burner phone that has a camera—for backup recording. Keep this burner in your glove box or the arm rest and turn it on to record if you get stopped by police.

Support activists and organizations helping our community.  We were particularly impressed with Tamika D. Mallory. We wanna support what she’s doing. People with boots on the ground need our support.

Donate monies to justice organizations working with people who need legal fees paid and for people who have been wrongly convicted. We like the Innocence Project. There is much work to be done.

Dash Cameras

Here are a few dash cameras rated on Amazon. Dash cameras record a stop from inside your vehicle. Many of them come with their own memory cards. It’s just another way to record what happens to us. If you purchase the dash camera through our link, we’ll get a small commission. The price for you won’t change, but it’ll help us with our work over here so we thank you in advance. 

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