Monday, August 8, 2022

Finding Your Tribe Is Vital For a Successful Career

Pursuing your dreams can be a lonely process. It requires us to look within and tune within often, especially if we are the ones who receive the vision and are behind the vision. Though projects are often sparked by a single person or small group of people, bringing the vision to life is in no way a one person...

Getting Paid As A College Speaker: Everything You Need To Know – Part 5

Yasmin Shiraz College Speaker
Getting paid as a college speaker was the last thing on my mind when I started my magazine, Mad Rhythms.  But, as Mad Rhythms grew and got better, I wanted to share with students what steps could be taken to follow their dreams. Two years into the business, I gave birth to the How To Get Into The Entertainment...

How Starting A Music Magazine Elevated My Writing Career

Before blogs were a thing… young, hip writers wanted to write for magazines they read. Black Writers lived for seeing their names on a byline in the pages of The Source, Essence, Vibe, Rap Pages, etc.  But it was different for me, I didn’t simply want my name  in someone else’s magazine, I wanted my own magazine. Call me...

This Intern Changed My Life: How I Became A Writer Part 3

Yasmin Shiraz - Intern article
There is no part of my story of becoming a writer that doesn’t involve the pivotal role a high school intern had in it. I believe all sorts of people cross our paths to show us things and help us find our way. These people can be young, old, uneducated, poor, or rich. The point is they come in...

Inspired: How I Became A Writer Part 2

How I Became A Writer
This is part two of How I Became A Writer from my series, In My Lane. This series details how I've gone from poet to journalist to magazine publisher to TV producer to TV staff writer. My journey isn't over, but I wanted to share some of my steps in case it helps or motivates anyone to just keep going...

Dedicated: How I Became A Writer Part 1

Writer Yasmin Shiraz
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I decided I would become a writer. At the time it didn’t matter what kind of writer I was, I simply knew that I wanted to write. Like most writers, I’m in a life long love affair with words. When I was just a kid, I remember writing poems....

In My View: Being Visible in Hollywood by Lisa R. Stewart

Being Visible
I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since high school with my own column in the school newspaper “Ask Lisa.”  All of my life, I’ve had a passion for the law and federal law enforcement from  the complexities of the criminal justice system and its ever reaching arm into society to policy change and reform. My passions have led me...

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