Theron Williams: Talks Photography, Film Editing, and Vlogging

Theron Williams: Talks Photography, Film Editing, and Vlogging

Get To Know Theron Williams

Theron Williams is a Vlogger, Editor and Photographer. Like many creatives who support their work through day jobs, Williams runs his own trucking company and as a result he is also the CEO of Williams Trucking. How does a person who loves moving pictures remain committed to his art while running a trucking business full time?  Theron came up with a plan. What better way to be creative than to capture your travels on camera? This film editor / vlogger / photographer drives some 500 – 600 miles a day. He’s shared many of his travel experiences on his daily vlog on Instagram and on YouTube. When he first thought of the idea to capture his travels on camera, his motivation was simple, “I wanted to get paid to travel while running my own company, producing media state to state and city to city.” 

“I believe the creative spark comes with motion.”

Theron Williams

Photographer / Editor / Vlogger, Theron Williams TV

But juggling is hard and Williams can attest to that. “My time is limited to take on outside projects right now, but as soon as I pay off my truck, I will be turning my attention toward media, production and advertising.”  Its admirable that Williams can commit to both generating income to support his art and his art itself. His motivation runs deep. He reveals, “I believe the creative spark comes with motion. I am always moving so motion is my motivation.”

Theron uses both Youtube and Instagram To Build His Audience

His Youtube and Instagram followers get the opportunity to see his motion at work. “People who connect and enjoy my photos and video are people who make the most of the environment, people, and things around them. Art lives in everything both living and dead.” Williams is inspired by life and as he spends his days traveling from one destination to the next, he decides on what to shoot or vlog based on what he witnesses. “I’m not around a lot of people all the time, but when I see something noteworthy, I pay attention.”   Most creatives have a unique childhood experience that has impacted their lives, Williams is no different. “When I was 7, I stood my ground with 3 adults in Detroit. I paid a stiff price for my defiance which included a ruptured appendix, 3 broken ribs and a massive infection that should’ve killed me. But, 2 and 1/2 years of recovery and 4 years later, all I could say was, “I didn’t run and I never will.”  That experience helped to build Williams’ heart and determination. 

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As he continues to run his trucking business and develop media projects, Black TV Film Crew will continue to keep our eye on him. Williams offered one piece of advice for his fellow crew members. “ Sometimes ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect.’ Don’t let perfect stop you from completion. 
More About Theron: Theron was the first Black TV Film Crew member who became a patron in supporting the work we’re doing to uplift, educate, and promote our members. As an entrepreneur he sees the importance of supporting other entrepreneurs and black businesses whose goal is to further the reach of African American storytellers. We thank him and encourage others to join this movement.


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