Friday, October 1, 2021

Digital Producer in Washington, DC

We just posted a gig in our secret FB group. Wanna apply? Get at us.

BTFC Staff
We're a staff of writers who compile the articles to promote crew members and African Americans in the entertainment business.

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  1. Hi, just found out about you. I wanted to let you all know about our feature film “Clara’s Ultimate Christmas, ” a kids movie starring a 10 year old girl of mixed race, written/directed by a Latina, produced by a black female (me), and shot by an Asian female DP. We got distribution after taking it to the American Film Market (AFM). It will be released in two weeks. Seeking to be covered by you all. I am trying to get the word out. We also run the Global Impact Film Festival in DC, and completed a third feature with another diverse cast, plus female DP.


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