Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Accelerator Lab Currently Accepting Applications

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Accelerator Lab currently looking for Filmmakers

The Accelerator Lab brought to you by ChickenEggPics is currently looking for documentary filmmakers. According to their site:

“We support filmmakers from diverse backgrounds who are both committed to social change and to the art and craft of filmmaking. When we choose a project, it is because we believe the film needs to be made–and that the particular filmmaker is the one to make it. Our grantees have unique access to their subjects, a collaborative spirit, and the courage to take creative risks. When choosing a project, we look for:

  • Storytelling: Original story, tone, style, and structure
  • Diversity: In all its forms
  • Innovation: Filmmakers with unique voices and projects that take risks
  • Vision: A new perspective on an issue, special access into the story, and the ability to make the universal accessible and personal
  • Craft: Inextricable links between story and production value
  • Resonance: Timely, urgent, or compelling issues at stake

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Completing and launching a documentary takes grit, nerve, and creativity; it also takes money, connections, and time. We offer women directors the tools to realize the full potential of their projects, both as works of art and as catalysts for change. Each of our programs represents a pivotal intervention in a woman’s filmmaking career; through them, we empower women storytellers to direct their own careers.

*Chicken & Egg Pictures supports self-identifying women (cis or trans) and gender nonconforming individuals.”

To APPLY follow the link.

Here are 5 tips to remember when applying for the Accelerator Lab:

  1. Proofread your application.
  2. Read your application out loud to catch grammatical errors.
  3. Double check your links (youtube, Vimeo) so there are no errors.
  4. Review and update your resume. Make sure to highlight your most recent qualifications.
  5. Be creative, fearless and YOURSELF. Let you true self shine through.

Good luck and if you get accepted, let us know.





BTFC Staff
BTFC Staff
We're a staff of writers who compile the articles to promote crew members and African Americans in the entertainment business.

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