Film crew needed so apply today. A Los Angeles based colleague of mine is looking for a gaffer, sound person, and make up artist for an upcoming shoot at the end of June. The shoot is going to be 1-2 days max. Everyone is welcome to apply—those with experience and those looking to build their reel. 

Where’s My Film Crew?

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Quick Tip: 5 Reasons Why You Should Work On Short Films

  1. Short films help you to pump up your IMDb page with credits without you having to take on all of the responsibility. 
  2. Short films have a great collaborative environment and so you learn among supportive colleagues. 
  3. If the people are evil, the shoot is usually over in a day or two. I know every crew isn’t perfect but when you can shoot a film in a short amount of time, it doesn’t matter if Thanos is the director. It’s over before the villain can blow up your entire life. 
  4. You meet new people. Film sets are a great place to meet new people–new film crew. 
  5. You get a chance to find the film crew for your next project. On film sets you get to see how people work and if you exchange information, you can get the opportunity to work with everyone again. 

Quick note about pay on short films. 

A lot of short films don’t pay, but they give you great experience and are wonderful resume builders. I don’t recommend you filling a 30 day calendar with volunteer work, but one short film a month or every two months would be a great way to get your name out there. Film crew here we come!

Good luck. 

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