Philadelphia Film Crew Needed

I know we have some Philadelphia Film Crew members amongst us. One of our crew members is going into production with 5 different projects in the fall. They are currently looking for crew members with various experience and backgrounds. If you are a member of our Facebook promotions group, you would have seen this post. They are looking for resumes, reels, etc. 

Whenever you are applying for a job that you’ve seen posted with us, please let them know you were referred by Black TV Film Crew. 

To apply, click here.  Good luck, Philadelphia Film Crew! 

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And think about this…

5 Reasons Why You Should Include References On Your Resume

Nothing screams, “I’m worthy,” like putting your references on your resume. It tells the person who is considering you, “Hey, call the people who worked for me, I’m good.” A lot of people say you don’t need to put references on your resume. But, I say, “If you have room, go for it.” A lot of people balk at this but here are 5 reasons why you should include references on your resume. 

  1. It saves the hiring person from asking you for them. 
  2. It allows the hiring person to check you out before the interview. 
  3. It projects an air of confidence on paper. 
  4. It gives you a head start in front of other candidates who aren’t so bold. 
  5. If the hiring manager looks over your references and realize they know someone who is your referral, you’ll all but a shoo-in for the job.  

Test out this theory. Create a resume with some references and create one without. I was recently hired for a TV producer position and I’d sent the hiring manager a resume which had my references on it. Did it make the difference? I don’t know for sure, but it’s a dream gig and they didn’t ask for references after my interview. 

If you try this and it works, tell us about it.

**Our featured photos is from our family over at Black Panties TV courtesy of their Instagram. We love ya’ll**

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