Spike Lee: Calling Unsigned Artists for She’s Gotta Have It

Spike Lee: Calling Unsigned Artists for She’s Gotta Have It

Spike Lee

Photo courtesy @OfficialSpikeLee Instagram


Our main man, Spike, Lee is at it again. He’s calling unsigned artists to submit music for the latest season of She’s Gotta Have It. She’s Gotta Have It is currently shooting Season 2 of the Netflix series. This is what the legend had to say on his instagram.

I, Spike Lee, Of Sound Mind And Body (HA HA) Hereby Want to Consider Your Music For SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT SEASON 2.  We Are Now Accepting Submissions for ALL GENRES OF MUSIC By Independent/Unsigned Artists.  Only Original Music Created By You—NO SAMPLES, NO COVER RECORDINGS OF OTHER PEOPLE’S SONGS, NO COPYING OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MATERIAL.  The Music Is Inconsequential To the Subject Matter Of The Show.  Submit The Best of Your Work.  We Are Only Reviewing Music Through SoundCloud.  Please set your SoundCloud Setting to “Public” So That We Can Access Your Submission.  Again, NO SAMPLES, NO COVER RECORDINGS OF OTHER PEOPLE’S SONGS, NO COPYING OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MATERIAL.  ABSOLUTELY NO BITING. ABSOLUTE DEADLINE JUNE 30th. YA SLOW, YA BLOW. YA SNOOZE, YA LOSE. Click The Link In The Bio.

If you wanna see Spike’s video, here it is… Spike’s shout out

This is one of these opportunities. Submit your stuff. This may be your break. If you make it, we’d love to hear about it. You never know where your opportunity is going to come from. So, don’t doubt yourself, just go for it. No time like the present.

Peace and love.




Warner Bros Is Calling All Comedy Writers

Warner Bros Is Calling All Comedy Writers

Warner Bros.Warner Bros. is looking for funny writers… Is that you?

Warner Bros. Entertainment in conjunction with Funny or Die and 3 Arts Entertainment is hosting a screenplay contest with Screencraft. The contest gives writers the opportunity to have your script read by industry judges from Warner Bros, FunnyorDie and 3 Arts Entertainment. The deadline is June 1st. You can submit today. 

We, of course, wish you luck and godspeed. Also, there are lots of people who submit to contests. If you don’t win, don’t fret, keep going. If you do win, email us and tell us all about it.

We want to brag on you and your Warner Bros. hook up.

Whatever the case, always remember, your story is your story. Continue to work on your craft. But, winning or not winning is not the sole issue. Your goal is to get your story out there by any means necessary. 

After a few contest rejections some of us can become “anti-contests.” But, you know what? You need a break. Sometimes people who become anti-contest have the grip of fear around their throats. So, as long as you believe in yourself, do what YOU believe is going to help you catch your break. 

Good luck, break a leg, but not your pen or laptop. 

Big shout outs to Warner Bros, Funny or Die and 3 Arts Entertainment for hosting this contest with Screencraft. I hope you find someone who makes you laugh until you cry. We encourage all corporations who are hosting these contests to pay your writers generously. It is from the creative minds of writers that all ideas flow. Yep, I said that. I believe it. 

Writers are too often bitten from, stolen from, undervalued and under-appreciated.

Don’t even get me started on the ideas that are stolen from black twitter. So, I say this to my corporate brethren and sistren: Be the big person. Pay your freakin’ writers. This officially concludes my public service announcement. 

Good luck to all my writers. I love you. 





Job Opportunity: ISO Storytellers Who Can Shoot and Edit

Job Opportunity: ISO Storytellers Who Can Shoot and Edit

Storytellers, Raise Your Hands

Storytellers are in demand these days. Have you ever said, “If only you had the opportunity?” Are you that person who sits back and wonders when your big break is gonna come? Have you ever wondered when you’d be able to support yourself as a creative professional—no side gigs necessary? Well, this may be your opportunity. 

We have a client who is looking for diverse storytellers who can shoot and edit. Can you conceptualize dope stories, shoot them and then edit them to perfection? Are you always coming up with something new? New story idea? New way to shoot a concept? Do you care about what’s going on in the world around you? Do you want to contribute to the conversation? And possibly most importantly, are you fast and efficient? 

If you are a production company looking for diverse candidates, please consider a partnership with Black TV Film Crew. We have a network of over 7k professionals throughout the US, Africa and the UK.


This ongoing position is for shooters based in New York City, Connecticut and the Northeast area. Preference is given to members of Black TV Film Crew. So, join us on IG, Facebook and our newsletter. Let’s show the world that inclusion is a good word.

Please submit your resume and reel to us at BlackTVFilmCrew AT gmail.com.

Side note: We’ve been connecting with lots of creatives lately and some storytellers who can edit have told us they don’t have a reel. Your competition has a reel. They do. Your competition has links for days. Your competition has a resume that looks like Maya Angelou wrote it. There is a quote that goes, “Don’t get ready, be ready.” What are we doing in our downtime if we are not getting ready? Let’s be ready for these opportunities by getting our resumes and reels together. 

If you need help with your resume or reel, let us know. 

17 Black Dramatic Movies On Hulu Right Now

17 Black Dramatic Movies On Hulu Right Now

Black dramatic movies aren’t overflowing on Hulu right now but we wanted to compile a list of some cool dramas to watch if you want to Hulu and chill. We’re including movies on Hulu which have black leads but aren’t necessarily an all black cast. We decided to call them black movies because we want to believe. But the reality is, there are probably fewer than 9 black dramatic movies which feature a majority black cast on Hulu right now. 

More Black Dramatic Movies Are Needed

Black Dramatic MoviesWe scrolled through the movie poster images and typed in what is currently available on Hulu. Here’s the list…

  1. Fences featuring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis 

  2. Creed featuring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone

  3. Our Kind of Traitor featuring Naomi Harris

  4. Traitor featuring Don Cheadle

  5. Hoodlum featuring Lawrence Fishburne

  6. American Gangster featuring Denzel Washington
  7. Live Cargo featuring LaKeith Stanfield

  8. 96 Souls featuring Toyin MosesBlack Dramatic Movies

  9. Perfect Stranger featuring Halle Berry

  10. The Glass Shield featuring Ice Cube

  11. I Can Do Bad All By Myself featuring Taraji P. Henson

  12. So B. It featuring Alfre Woodard

  13. Going To America featuring Eddie Griffin

  14. John Q. Featuring Denzel Washington

  15. Panic featuring David Gyasi

  16. No Way To Live featuring Tom Williamson

  17. Day In New York featuring Chris RockBlack Dramatic Movies

The movies below have diverse ensemble casts so we’ve included them on the list. It’s funny because we bet Honey and Honey 2 were heavily inspired by the newest Fame movie. And of course, this Fame movie was a remake of the original Fame movie. Nothing is new in this business. Here are the three honorable mentions:

Honey 2 featuring Kat Graham

Honey featuring Mekhi Phifer

Fame featuring Naturi Naughton, Debbie Allen

We hope in the near future Hulu will increase its black dramatic feature film catalog. There have to be African Americans wanting some drama who watch Hulu. I know we are over at Black TV Film crew. If you’re using Hulu and would like an increase in their black dramatic movies, leave a comment below. There will be no change if they don’t know we’re interested. If you wanna know the Black Comedies we’ve seen on Netflix, we got you.

5 Must See Black Comedy Specials On Netflix Right Now

5 Must See Black Comedy Specials On Netflix Right Now

Everyone loves a good comedy special, the trouble is keeping up with the latest. Have you ever scrolled through the Netflix comedy section, but not find anything relateable or anything laugh out loud funny? We have. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Must See Black Comedy Specials airing on Netflix right now. They’re arranged by order of most recent release date, not how funny they are.

Black Comedy On Netflix?

  1. Marlon Wayans: Woke-ish (2/27/18) – Marlon has definitely been keeping himself busy these days, with a hit TV show, Marlon, comedy tours and now his new Netflix special. While addressing really hot topics in today’s society, he does so his very silly, loud and ignorant way. Classic Marlon. Memorable Wayans.
  2. Trevor Noah: Afraid Of The Dark (2/21/18)– Trevor Noah, known best for his political satire as host of the Daily Show, was truly made for stand up. The South African native, hosts this special in NYC. This show is smart, gut bustlingly funny and will make you start tuning into his prime time show. Afraid of The Dark gives more insight to how Noah thinks and his true self shines through.5 Must See Black Comedy Specials
  3. Chris Rock: Tamborine (2/14/18) – Chris Rock takes you through his divorce and life after in Tamborine, but in a way much like his Everybody Hates Chris days, leaving you in tears. In Tamborine, Rock admits he knew he made it when he’s in divorce court and realizes that he has to pay all of the lawyers himself. Ca-ching! Chris Rock, at his best, is honest and his brutal honesty is hilarious.


4. Dave Chapelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation (12/31/17)– Chapelle has a two-part comedy special that came out over the second half of last year, and each one will have you literally in tears. In true Dave Chapelle fashion, he tells tales of his life at home, and life on the road. He brings along that hilarious narrative voice from the Chapelle Show. Chapelle sets the tone of the special during his opening when he delivers a punchline so funny that you never see it coming, plus he references Stove Top stuffing.

5. Multiple People: Def Comedy Jam 25 (9/2/17)– The absolutely funniest and most nostalgic special to come to Netflix in the last few months, is Def Comedy Jam. Hosted by Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, DL Hugely and Dave Chappelle, this special takes you back in time to the 90’s and the original Def Comedy Jam series. Performers from the 90’s returned to the stage and did small sets. As a Martin Lawrence fan, I think my favorite part was when Dave Chappelle acknowledged Marty Mar in the audience and his contribution to comedy. You could just feel the love.          

These 5 Must See Black Comedy specials will have you feeling black and proud. Get your snacks together, find a seat on the couch and get your laugh on. These specials will not disappoint.