Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Job Opportunity: ISO Storytellers Who Can Shoot and Edit

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Storytellers, Raise Your Hands

Storytellers are in demand these days. Have you ever said, “If only you had the opportunity?” Are you that person who sits back and wonders when your big break is gonna come? Have you ever wondered when you’d be able to support yourself as a creative professional—no side gigs necessary? Well, this may be your opportunity. 

We have a client who is looking for diverse storytellers who can shoot and edit. Can you conceptualize dope stories, shoot them and then edit them to perfection? Are you always coming up with something new? New story idea? New way to shoot a concept? Do you care about what’s going on in the world around you? Do you want to contribute to the conversation? And possibly most importantly, are you fast and efficient? 

If you are a production company looking for diverse candidates, please consider a partnership with Black TV Film Crew. We have a network of over 7k professionals throughout the US, Africa and the UK.


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This ongoing position is for shooters based in New York City, Connecticut and the Northeast area. Preference is given to members of Black TV Film Crew. So, join us on IG, Facebook and our newsletter. Let’s show the world that inclusion is a good word.

Please submit your resume and reel to us at BlackTVFilmCrew AT

Side note: We’ve been connecting with lots of creatives lately and some storytellers who can edit have told us they don’t have a reel. Your competition has a reel. They do. Your competition has links for days. Your competition has a resume that looks like Maya Angelou wrote it. There is a quote that goes, “Don’t get ready, be ready.” What are we doing in our downtime if we are not getting ready? Let’s be ready for these opportunities by getting our resumes and reels together. 

If you need help with your resume or reel, let us know. 


BTFC Staff
BTFC Staff
We're a staff of writers who compile the articles to promote crew members and African Americans in the entertainment business.

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