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Gina Prince Bythewood directing Spider-Man spin off

We've loved Director Gina Prince Bythewood since Love & Basketball so we were thrilled to hear around the industry that she is directing an... and Black Eyed Peas have a comic book coming

We've heard around the industry that and the Black Eyes Peas have a comic book coming. We know it's gonna be funky. You...

Skinny Corleone Talks Being An Agent & Writer / Director

The entertainment industry is full of people who wear many hats. Many of us start with one title and five years down the road,...

Director Nicole Franklin: How To Film A Feature In 8 Days

DIRECTOR NICOLE FRANKLIN REDEFINES FILMMAKING Director Nicole Franklin's latest project is the feature film, Title VII, which was filmed in 8 Days. No, that was...

Terence Steele Talks Onward and Upward Documentary

Executive Producer Terence V. Steele is proud to announce production of Onward and Upward: A Documentary Film.  The story behind Onward and Upward For over one...

Victoria Gregg Talks Akata Documentary

Victoria Gregg Decides To Learn About Herself Victoria Gregg is the Executive Producer of Akata Documentary, a documentary in which she discovers her ancestral roots....

Dallas Alexis Talks NY Underground Kingz

Director, Co-Writer and Co-Producer, Dallas Alexis, is proud to announce the second season of the successful web series, New York Underground Kingz which airs...

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