Crew positions needed in Los Angeles

One of our crew members is gearing up for a new Web Series called POZ ROZ. He is hiring the following paid positions from July 23rd – though August 13th. Please respond via email with resume/portfolio. All contact information for this position is here. 

Please add the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Script Supervisor
Production Designer
Production Assistant (2) (will start in 2 weeks)
Hair Department
Wardrobe Assistant

Poz Roz is a new dark comedy digital series from the mind of filmmaker Carlton Jordan (Love Handles; Ghetto Plainsman). Poz Roz follows the life of a young Black 20-something Rozzlyn Mayweather after an HIV positive diagnosis rocks her already shaky world.

Submissions Tip for Crew Positions:

  1. Remember when applying to check your resume for typos.
  2. Add a cover letter that explains why your the best person for the job.
  3. Let the hiring professional know about your previous experiences on set.
  4. Take this seriously. You never know how this opportunity can lead you to your next one.
  5. If you get hired, be a pleasure to work with. Make people glad that hired you.

Insider’s Look on Web Series

When people first started doing web series years ago, few people really took them seriously. But with the success of Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl which eventually became HBO’s Insecure, people began to look at web series as a launching bad and not just some questionable acting and bad lighting. Some of the web series which are currently in the digital space are creative, top notch, and really dynamic projects. Our crew family is filled with phenomenal black web series creators. If you’re looking for some web series to watch, please come back to the site we’ll be including suggestions for you. And, if you’re considering creating a web series remember, its the project that could launch your career into the stratosphere. Just ask Issa Rae!

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