Film Grants For Documentary Filmmakers Less Than 5 Years Post College

Film Grants For Documentary Filmmakers Less Than 5 Years Post College

Film Grants Rolling Submissions

Film grants are like lotto tickets. If you get the right ticket, it could change your life. But where film grants are better than lotto tickets is that a little lotto can go a long way. Enter Catalyst grants for filmmakers.

According to the Catalyst Grant site:


  • The Glassbreaker Films Catalyst Grants identify standout early-career visual journalists and documentary filmmakers, less than 5 years post college or graduate school.
  • Catalyst Grants allow a diverse group of young filmmakers to conceive of a short, innovative and original non-fiction digital project to receive funding and mentorship to bring it to life and kickstart their career.
  • All stories must be produced within the US, and funding is capped at $7,000 per grant. Each project must be completed within 2-3 months of funding.
  • There is not one standard form for these projects, but they must be artful and innovative, and there must be proof that they can be produced within the timeline and budget.


  • We support and encourage early career women filmmakers (less than five years post-graduation) to produce stories about issues that impact women in the United States.
  • You can apply if you own the copyright of your production and maintain editorial control of your story and you are a citizen or legal resident of the U.S. or its external territories age 18 or older.


  • Impactful digital potential through suitability of subject matter and compelling storytelling
  • Powerful narratives that inspire positive social change around issues that affect women
  • Relevance to a broad audience
  • The capacity to finish the project through realistic attention to the schedule and budget.

I know our crew members have a lot of what they’re looking for, so please apply today.

And if you earn a grant, email us and let us know.


*Featured photo is from our crew member @Shoot2Edit.

ISO: Multiple Crew Positions (Los Angeles)

ISO: Multiple Crew Positions (Los Angeles)

Crew positions needed in Los Angeles

One of our crew members is gearing up for a new Web Series called POZ ROZ. He is hiring the following paid positions from July 23rd – though August 13th. Please respond via email with resume/portfolio. All contact information for this position is here. 

Please add the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Script Supervisor
Production Designer
Production Assistant (2) (will start in 2 weeks)
Hair Department
Wardrobe Assistant

Poz Roz is a new dark comedy digital series from the mind of filmmaker Carlton Jordan (Love Handles; Ghetto Plainsman). Poz Roz follows the life of a young Black 20-something Rozzlyn Mayweather after an HIV positive diagnosis rocks her already shaky world.

Submissions Tip for Crew Positions:

  1. Remember when applying to check your resume for typos.
  2. Add a cover letter that explains why your the best person for the job.
  3. Let the hiring professional know about your previous experiences on set.
  4. Take this seriously. You never know how this opportunity can lead you to your next one.
  5. If you get hired, be a pleasure to work with. Make people glad that hired you.

Insider’s Look on Web Series

When people first started doing web series years ago, few people really took them seriously. But with the success of Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl which eventually became HBO’s Insecure, people began to look at web series as a launching bad and not just some questionable acting and bad lighting. Some of the web series which are currently in the digital space are creative, top notch, and really dynamic projects. Our crew family is filled with phenomenal black web series creators. If you’re looking for some web series to watch, please come back to the site we’ll be including suggestions for you. And, if you’re considering creating a web series remember, its the project that could launch your career into the stratosphere. Just ask Issa Rae!

*Our featured photo is of Content Creator and Editor, Terance Murray who is @shoot2edit.

Accelerator Lab Currently Accepting Applications

Accelerator Lab Currently Accepting Applications

Accelerator Lab currently looking for Filmmakers

The Accelerator Lab brought to you by ChickenEggPics is currently looking for documentary filmmakers. According to their site:

“We support filmmakers from diverse backgrounds who are both committed to social change and to the art and craft of filmmaking. When we choose a project, it is because we believe the film needs to be made–and that the particular filmmaker is the one to make it. Our grantees have unique access to their subjects, a collaborative spirit, and the courage to take creative risks. When choosing a project, we look for:

  • Storytelling: Original story, tone, style, and structure
  • Diversity: In all its forms
  • Innovation: Filmmakers with unique voices and projects that take risks
  • Vision: A new perspective on an issue, special access into the story, and the ability to make the universal accessible and personal
  • Craft: Inextricable links between story and production value
  • Resonance: Timely, urgent, or compelling issues at stake

Completing and launching a documentary takes grit, nerve, and creativity; it also takes money, connections, and time. We offer women directors the tools to realize the full potential of their projects, both as works of art and as catalysts for change. Each of our programs represents a pivotal intervention in a woman’s filmmaking career; through them, we empower women storytellers to direct their own careers.

*Chicken & Egg Pictures supports self-identifying women (cis or trans) and gender nonconforming individuals.”

To APPLY follow the link.

Here are 5 tips to remember when applying for the Accelerator Lab:

  1. Proofread your application.
  2. Read your application out loud to catch grammatical errors.
  3. Double check your links (youtube, Vimeo) so there are no errors.
  4. Review and update your resume. Make sure to highlight your most recent qualifications.
  5. Be creative, fearless and YOURSELF. Let you true self shine through.

Good luck and if you get accepted, let us know.




ISO: Male Models – African American, African Descent and Latino

ISO: Male Models – African American, African Descent and Latino


One of our crew members is shooting an upcoming fashion film and looking for male models. Check below for all the details.
Gee Spot Cine

“Post-Apocalyptic Monks Fashion Film”

 CASTING for short fashion film about post-apocalyptic monks featuring kimonos from Anitra Michelle HOMME collection for men. Shot on location in NYC.

LOOKING FOR: 5 LEAD African American/African Descent, Latino, MALE models/actors based in NYC. Age range 25-45. Must have athletic ability and agility. Experience with Taichi and martial arts a plus. These are non-speaking roles. All hair textures/body types, and height welcomed.  Auditions held the middle of July. Filming on location in October 2018.

Email headshots/picts if interested! ….

Check this out: Be Inspired by Black Creatives


  • Send in a mix of professional and selfie shots. Let the casting director see your personality.
  • Send in at least one full body shot. If you’re going to be seen on screen, they want to see your full body.
  • Send in recent photos. I don’t know how many time people will send in a 5 year old headshot and turn up at the audition not looking anything like their former selves.
  • Don’t send in stuff that looks too risqué unless it calls for it. You don’t know what the casting director’s sensibilities are so don’t go there.
  • In your introduction email, be professional Say something like, “Hi, I’m John Smith. I saw your post and am submitting my photos. I’ve recently been featured in this mag, that short film and that web series. I also have experience in Tai Chi. I look forward to hearing from you.” If you have experience in something that the casting director is asking for, mention it in your introduction email.
  • If you have a large Instagram following include that in your introduction email. Say the same thing as above except include, “I have an IG following of 5k. I love to promote my casting / film projects on IG.” It makes a difference.
  • Include your cell phone in your introduction email.
  • If there is an open call, show up on time.
  • If you are called back, show up on time.

We’re including tips for success in our casting and contests because we want our team members to win. Good luck and if you get cast, let us know.


**Our featured photos are of Black TV Film Crew member and Actor / Model Osei White, courtesy of his Instagram. You can find him here. **



Writers Of Color – Huge TV & Digital Opportunity

Writers Of Color – Huge TV & Digital Opportunity

Writers of Color – Your Time Is Now

Writers of Color, you may have been discouraged in the past. You may have been told that your stories aren’t relevant? But your time is now. Our time is now. Tell your stories. Lift your voice. Check the info below.

Underrepresented Filmmakers of Color – From MACRO:

“MACRO and the Black List offer writers of color the opportunity to develop and produce an original digital or television pilot script. Our mission is to discover and empower episodic storytellers with the proper creative tools, resources, and access needed to help launch their careers.

In partnership with Emmy Award-winning writer Lena Waithe and Actress/Producer/Director Eva Longoria, MACRO aims to amplify fresh voices that are rooted in authenticity, creativity and excellence.

  • Applications will be accepted from June 6 – August 6.
  • Up to three (3) winners will receive development support and a pilot presentation or sizzle at a budget of up to $30,000 each.

We look forward to hearing from and supporting the next generation of game changers, rule breakers, and brilliant minds that exist at the intersection of craft and culture.”

Read This: How To Support Black Creatives

Charles King, former super agent at William and Morris, founded Macro. Macro creates and finances film, television, digital content, technologies and brands which are driven by people of color. Macro projects include: Roman J. Israel, Esq, Mudbound, Gente-fied, and Fences. In addition, they’re behind the website Blavity. 

Franklin Leonard founded The Black List, a network of scriptwriters, buyers and representatives. According to Black List, “over 300 Black List screenplays have been made as feature films. Those films have earned over $26 billion in worldwide box office.” Black List films have been nominated for 264 Academy Awards. They have won 48, including Best Pictures for Slumdog Millionaire, The King’s Speech, Argo and Spotlight. Black List screenplays have earned ten of the last twenty screenwriting Oscars.”

This is an extraordinary opportunity for writers of color and one that I hope some of our Black TV Film Crew members take advantage of. 

Apply Today. 

**Our featured photo is Emmy Award Winning Writer, Lena Waithe and Macro’s Charles King, courtesy of the Macro website **